Carmona, director of Industrials, SPEAKED: Topics Pedro Álvarez, Lisbán Correa and “surprises” on pitching

By Jerry Díaz / @ Jerryto94

Guillermo Carmona offered an interview to Andy Vargas in the program Tribuna Deportiva of the COCO radio station, the main one in the province of Havana. Director of Industrial clarified some issues and left clues on others.

Carmona clarified that next November 8 will be the start of training. That day the pitchers and receivers will start while seven days later the rest will join. The preselection must be around 55 to 60 players.

They will meet for six games with the Cuban team that will attend the Junior Pan American Games, for those games the youngest will be given opportunities although in the challenges of 13 and 14 there will be television and they will be called more renowned figures.

He clarified, or rather, mentioned the situation of some players who are not sure are on the roster for the upcoming season.

According to him, Maykel Taylor wants to play with Industriales but is currently outside of Cuba. Ariel Hechavarría is awaiting repatriation and Lisbán Correa “has it more complicated.”

“Correa has a slightly more complicated situation, because in this case he is making some movements of papers with the National Directorate and as expected we are hoping that he can join, but he still has to make official some things that we do not handle, it is something that is the responsibility of the National Federation ”, he commented on the specific case of Correa.

“We have been in contact with him and I personally already spoke with Ventura, the Sancti Spíritus commissioner (I add that he is also the pitching coach of the Cuba Sub 23 Team at the World Cup). It is said that we have not made any request letter, but we cannot do it because that is a request that the athlete himself has to make. There was a limit for players to make that request and at that time Pedro was not in the plans.

“Then this happens and we were already out of time and it would not be valid. So it is something that the province of Sancti Spíritus should follow, they must decide if they accept him to play with us or if it remains in the hands of the National Commission.

“I think Pedro is a young athlete who has a level and I would let him play, but it is not a matter that depends on Industriales, we are willing to accept him, but we have to wait for that decision,” he declared.

In addition, in the program he said that the return of other athletes, especially pitchers, is possible, although it is not certain.

Nothing, more cases of “repatriation”, that legal aberration to which Cuban players are subjected to be able to play in their country. Can you imagine Albert Pujols “repatriated” to play with the Lions of the Chosen One? Well that.

With information taken from Tribuna de La Habana

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Carmona, director of Industrials, SPEAKED: Topics Pedro Álvarez, Lisbán Correa and “surprises” on pitching