Another storm continues to destroy emblematic stadium in central Cuba

By Swing Completo /

In Cuba, the presence and impact of severe local storms, the so-called FTAs, is quite frequent. On April 19 of this same year, one of these atmospheric phenomena severely damaged much of the structure of one of the most important ball stadiums in the central area of ​​Cuba, especially related to the roof of the installation at the lose around 750 fiber cement slabs.

However, another more lasting storm than the one that occurred at that time has been affecting for months, that of forgetfulness and neglect.

For days, residents of the municipality of Cabaiguán in Espirituan have denounced on social networks, where if not, that one of its most symbolic places is in an increasingly deplorable state.

It is not only about the roof that never found a replacement since that natural event, but part of the structure of the bleachers is also in a complex situation and that adds the absolute neglect of the grass.

The Mártires de Cabaiguán stadium has been more important than many born after 1990 can imagine. Even many fans beyond Sancti Spíritus and the old Las Villas province recall the prominence that this sports center had in the seventies and eighties.

In that place they came to play at night for a long time, like three stadiums in the province, but there were times when Sancti Spíritus in the Nacional, and Las Villas in the Selectiva, held there a third and even more than games that they played home club for the calendar.

In the case of the missing Selective Series, the three Villareño territories (Cienfuegos, Villa Clara and Sancti Spíritus) rotated the official headquarters as a province. In general, each province was assigned a full season in order to better organize the entire logistics network.

Among the most striking events that occurred in the sports park with a capacity of up to 5,000 spectators, was the development and official retirement of the first great star of baseball from Spiritus in the National Series, Owen Blandino, the well-known “Gallo or Tabaquero de Cabaiguán”. This third baseman was the one who gave rise precisely to the nickname with which the Yayaba groups are known today.

By the way, Blandino was the last to say goodbye to the active play of the 116 participants in the I Series of 1962.

Part of the protagonism of the only title of the roosters in the classics of the Island (1978-79) was played by this stadium, in which there was a unique event between Nacional and Selectiva when two players from the same team (Antonio Muñoz and Pedro José Rodríguez) reached the last game, contesting the home run title. Although “Cheíto” connected two that day, Muñoz also took it out to win the dispute 14-13 and thus take his last crown in this department.

In addition to hosting until recently the games of the Provincial Series of his team, the Petroleros de Cabaiguán, the National Series found celebration there quite recently. However, between the pandemic, the lack of resources and the relaxation of the sports authorities and the government with such a special place for the municipality, and also its historical and sporting significance for the territory of Espirituan, it is regrettable what this country is experiencing. stadium today.

Hopefully, the complaints published by many of the residents of this tobacco-producing land, plus the echoes by other spaces like this, will make reactions to those who have the responsibility to change this terrible image. Of course, the serious economic situation that Cuba is experiencing may considerably limit part of that recovery, in which it is obvious that the lights will be an eternal chimera, and now the indefinite extinction of the roof could be added, in addition to the insecurity that this terrain will return to have the shine that once made it one of the safest for defenders and best draining.