And if the Red Sox think of Carlos Correa as a new shortstop …

It’s official, Boston Red Sox are open and ready at shortstop for the 2022 season of the Major League Baseball – MLB, which is why I think, if Fenway Park does not consider the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa for that position, remembering that he is a free agent.

Carlos Correa’s cycle with the Houston Astros seems to have come to an end and his future will most likely be in another organization from the next 2022 Major League season, these Red Sox being a possible option and knowing that they are looking for a shortstop, this rumor takes a little more force and does not sound far-fetched at all, nothing.

With Xander Bogaerts as starting shortstop, the Red Sox still made it clear that they will explore the player market at this position and try to find a new one for the team. MLB 2022, being Correa part of them, others: Corey Seager, Javier Báez, Marcus Semien and Trevor Story.

However, although Boston is open to looking for a shortstop, the Aruba-born player would be willing to play second or third base, so the Red Sox could get the services of a new shortstop and switch to this one. on the right side of the box. From a financial point of view, Bogaerts probably wouldn’t protest.

What could Correa offer the Red Sox?

In addition to a good defense, which was recognized with the 2021 Gold Glove in the MLB, a performing bat that has proven to be important throughout his career. On the other hand, the postseason experience, the Puerto Rican strap He has played this instance multiple times and even has a World Series championship.

Alex Cora

It is no secret to anyone that Alex Cora, manager of the Red Sox, He has a good relationship with his compatriot Carlos Correa, remembering that a few years ago they agreed with the Astros, so this link could have some weight if you think about a possible signing of the Boston team. Both know each other and one knows how the other works, so that who removes and is a key point in a hypothetical arrival.

In addition, right now, in the recent 2021 Playoffs of the MLB When the Red Sox and Astros faced each other, the Venezuelan pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez wanted to beat the Puerto Rican with the clock signal and Cora annoyed, said no, scolded him, being a kind of defense with Carlos Correa.

Puerto Rican Legion

A possible arrival of Correa could also make him feel at home, because the legion of Puerto Rico in the Red Sox It is great, since added to Cora, there are players like Kiké Hernández, Christian Vázquez and Christian Arroyo compatriots of shortstop who could give some weight to his landing in this organization as a new course in the MLB.

Carlos Correa For many, he is one of the most sought-after players in free agency and if the Red Sox are interested, they know that it will not be an easy fight, since teams like the Phillies, Tigers, Rangers, Yankees, Angels, Twins, Cardinals, Mariners, Rockies and the Astros themselves are also looking for a new shortstop in the majors.

AND…. There is no doubt that Correa’s price may have risen a bit more after winning the Gold Glove in the American League.

Lifetime numbers

Correa has played a total of 752 games with the Astros, giving up 781 hits, 162 doubles, eight triples, 133 homers, 489 RBIs, 438 runs, AVG of .277, OBP of .356, SLG of .481 and OPS of .837 . Additionally, he was a one-time Rookie of the Year, attended two All-Star Games, and won a World Series.

Is Correa what the Red Sox need?

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And if the Red Sox think of Carlos Correa as a new shortstop …