All rule 5 moves in the majors

The rule 5 of the Minor leagues It has nothing to do with the work stoppage in the Major Leagues, the teams as well as the players can make their moves.

Round 1

Orioles select RHP Nolan Hoffman from Mariners
Pirates select Rockies’ LHP Zach Matson
Nationals select 2B Andrew Young * from Diamondbacks
Marlins select Rangers INF Charles Leblanc
Cubs select LHP Conner Menez * from Giants
Rockies select LZ Gabriel Rodríguez from Los Bravos
Tigres select RHP Elvis Alvarado from Mariners
Angels select Rays’ LZ Kenny Rosenberg
Mets select RHP Alex Valverde of the Rays
Padres Select RHP Grant Gavin of Royals
Guardians select LZ Erik Sabrowski from the Padres
Phillies select RHP Matt Seelinger from Giants
Reds select Ronnie Dawson * from Astros
Athletics selected by Gabriel Maciel de Twins
Braves select 1B John Nogowski * from Giants
Mariners select Tanner Kirwer from Blue Jays
Cardinals select OF Ben DeLuzio from Diamondbacks
Blue Jays select RHP Abdiel Mendoza from Rangers
Red Sox select Royals’ LHP Austin Lambright
Yankees select RHP Steven Jennings from Pirates
White Sox select INF Moises Castillo from Cardinals
Brewers select RHP Caleb Boushley from Padres
Astros select RHP Rubén García de los Tigres
Dodgers select C Kekai Rios from Brewers
Giants select Rays’ Michael Gigliotti

Round 2

Orioles select Rangers’ RHP Cole Uvila
Pirates select RHP Nic Laio from Rangers
Nationals select RHP Curtis Taylor from Blue Jays
Marlins select Royals’ LZ Robert Garcia
Tigers select RHP Nick Kuzia from Padres
Mets select RHP Carlos Ocampo from Cubs
Guardians select RHP Brett Daniels from Astros
Athletics selects Vince Fernandez de Gigantes
The Braves select LZ Luis de Ávila from the Royals
Mariners select OF Walking Cabrera from Rockies
Cardinals select RHP Carlos Guarate from the Padres
Red Sox select RHP Brian Keller from Yankees
Yankees select RHP Manny Ramirez from Astros
Dodgers select RHP Carson Fulmer * from Reds

Round 3

Pirates select Jacob Gonzalez 3B / 1B from Giants
Nationals select RHP Matt Brill from Diamondbacks
Marlins select INF Cobie Vance of Athletics
Braves select RHP Allan Winans from Mets
Mariners select RHP Tommy Wilson from Mets
Cardinals select Jonah Davis from Pirates
Dodgers select RHP Jon Duplantier * from Giants

Round 4

Nationals select RHP Dakody Clemmer from Guardians
Marlins select RHP Luarbert Arias from the Padres
Braves select RHP Tanner Andrews from Marlins
Cardinals select Dodgers’ LZ Nelfri Contreras

Round 5

Marlins select INF Carlos Santiago from Dodgers

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All rule 5 moves in the majors