“You’re Crazy” – Former Universal Champion on Vince McMahon’s Decision | Planet Wrestling

One of the best fighters on the current roster is fighter Seth Rollins. No need to talk about your achievements within the company. Anyone who has consumed the product in the last decade has seen at least one reign of the fighter. The thing is, a long time ago he had to trade his stomp for another finisher.

After changing his finisher he was applying for the last decade three finishers. For this reason, in Edge’s combat he applied the pedigree again. A well-known movement within WWE and that for the wrestler is a way of paying homage to other super stars.

In a recent interview with Graham Wire by Loudwire , The Messiah was asked if he changed the move because Vince McMahon thought it was “too cruel.”

“That is quite true. He thought it was too violent. I was going to do the Today show the next morning after I won the title with that move and they are obviously repeating myself by winning the title. Either you’ve seen it or someone else saw it or there was a conversation that got you involved and you decided that we will do something different. I had been using it for a few years up to that point, I won the title with it, but we took a different direction the next night, “said Seth Rollins.

When asked if he agreed with that, Seth said he felt it was a flat discussion. Since being a movement of its own that shows its identity, A little debate arose with the boss because it was something that gave a finalization to his style, but it is a way of adapting to changes.

“No, my mind went to WTF. Like what are you talking about. I’m like, are you crazy! Like come on man! His big concern was that the children could do it to each other and I was like professional wrestling, all the wrestling movements that have been invented. This argument is flat, but at the end of the day, he’s the boss, he signs the checks, it’s his deal. “

The curb stomp was the move that earned him his first in-company world championship.

When they asked him why he decided to use the pedigree and not another movement, he wanted to make it clear that it was something quite thought out. He added that legends Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam were the only ones who had a good frog jump and despite having a good frog jump or frog splash himself, he didn’t want to do it every night. Being Triple H’s protégé, he felt that use Pedigree as a finisher it was a good option.

“You must have a move to make to anyone at any time in many different ways. Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam are the only two that come to mind who had a good frog touch and I have a good frog touch too, but I don’t want to do it every night. Fortunately, he was under Triple H’s tutelage at the time and it made sense. He was the only one in the company using the Pedigree, so being a heel and his apprentice, it was a good time and a good thing to move on. “

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