Yankees: Where did Deivi Garcia’s bonuses go?

During 2020, one of the most important baseball prospects for public opinion was Deivi Garcia. That young man of 1.75 meters in height, with great influence on Pedro Martínez, who had penetrated among the main prospects of the minor league circuits of the New York Yankees.

Starting in 2018, MLB Pipeline, In his famed coverage in search of the best prospects in the game, he already placed the young right-hander as the eleventh best player in the minor league circuits of the Yankees, this while venturing under the levels of Class A, Advanced Class A and Double A with only 19 years of age.

This would only mark the beginning of a promising evolution in the player, who in 2019 MLB Pipeline had already placed as the best prospect for the Yankees, which opened the way to the illusion of an upcoming star for New Yorkers.

As a consequence of the heartbreaking result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to the cancellation of the seasons of Minor leagues, Deivi Garcia Like all prospects, he suffers from limitations in his playing time. Although satisfactorily the Dominican had the happiness of in the last stretch of the campaign and in the face of the postseason to be called to MLB.

After having suffered a setback and being placed as the third best prospect of the Yankees, Deivi Garcia, had two starts in the final stretch of the season, then pitching an inning in the postseason.

This would mark what was thought as the start of the pitcher’s sterility for this 2021, an involution in his game, has led to Deivi Garcia to be ranked as the 11th prospect of the Yankees in the list of the current year 2021 by the specialized site of MLB Pipeline.

This last chapter clearly calls us to ask ourselves: What has happened to the evolution of the Dominican pitcher?

Deivi Garcia, had two starts at the beginning of the MLB, being overwhelmed in both encounters with defeat. At 8.1 IP, he gave up 7 touchdowns, including 4 BB, which would cause him to be sent to the Minor Leagues.

The 22-year-old pitcher also hasn’t been able to lift his head in the minor leagues. In 68.2 IP of action, during 18 games with 17 starts, Deivi Garcia he has conceded 56 touchdowns, 51 BBs with 75 chocolates, combining for a 7.08 ERA, while an average BB and hits per IP (WHIP) of 1,820.

Presenting this kind of out-of-control has led a once-thought-great prospect to go unnoticed throughout the year.

Deivi Garcia He has had the disadvantage throughout his career of suffering at a time when pitchers have a powerful fastball, he has not managed to establish himself at more than 93 miles, as well as having a somewhat traditional repertoire.

Facing 18 batters, during his short stint this 2021 in MLB, Garcia he used his four-seam fastball for 41.2% of his pitches and a speed of 92.2 miles per hour, completing his repertoire with a slider, change and curve.

In addition to the slow speed, the Dominican’s four-seam fastball lacks a placement evaluation. This is evidenced in its record of 2,216 revolutions per minute, staying far from the ideal metrics of below 1800 rpm or above 2600, which made this launch parade at center height towards the corner of the center to the right, staying right in the power zone.

As a consequence, the batters thundered to an average of .333 with six hits in 18 at-bats against fastballs, while the slider and switch were not hit, and it was against six turns of the curve that the batters scored their other contacts against the East Dominican pitches. 2021.

This phenomenon is not new around the Dominican, of his 35 hits against in the 2020 regular season, 20 were against fastballs, including 3 home runs, while his curve suffered another five contacts, including a home run.

The stage made The majors is still starting to be done for Deivi Garcia, who has already shown his great potential, in addition to his young age, so expanding your pitching command, so all the damage doesn’t lie on the fastball should be the priority at this time, in addition to exploring scenarios such as Winter Leagues where the pitcher has the opportunity to test his control over the hill.

What should not become philosophy, is the great question today about, Where did the evolution of Deivi García go?