Xavier Woods advances to the semi-final of the King of the Ring tournament

Tonight on Monday Night RAW the epic King of the Ring tournament continues With the quarterfinals, the first fight of the night is between Xavier Woods vs Ricochet.

Ricochet vs Xavier Woods in the quarterfinals

The tournament King of the Ring kicked off last week on Friday Night Smackdown and the first two matches of the quarterfinals were held, tonight on Monday Night RAW continue the action continues with the fight between one of the members of The New Day, Xavier Woods vs the one and only Ricochet, the two seek to reach the final and become the king of the company.

The fight continues with a greeting of respect between the competitors, Xavier Woods begins to take command of combat but soon Ricochet uses his agility to recover, the two get close to the count of 3 but this does not occur, they continue to connect blows and Xavier manages to knock Ricochet down and applies a leg drop jumping from the third rope but the count stays at two.

Ricochet begins to rejoin and forces Xavier out of the ring, so Ricochet flies to crash into him twice, but the third time costs him a collision with the barricade, Xavier takes advantage of this to enter Ricochet back into the ring and apply another leg drug with which he takes the count of 3, Xavier Woods defeats Ricochet and advances to the next round of the King of The Ring tournament.

Xavier Wood goes to the semi final of the tournament

Xavier Woods manages to defeat Ricochet and advance to the semi-final of the tournament to face the winner between Jinder mahal and Kofi Kinston, so in case Kofi wins This means that we will have a fight between teammates.

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