WWE would not have completely closed the door on Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose had some rather complicated hours between Tuesday and Wednesday, since after last night the NXT Women’s Championship in favor of Roxanne Perez ending 413 days of reign, saw his contract terminated as a result of the publication of adult content on a website owned by you. Yes ok I knew that could get her in trouble.probably did not measure the consequences, since WWE I would have made the decision at the last minute and that would explain the sudden changes in plans that we saw during the WWE NXT programming this Tuesday.

Mandy Rose vs. Roxanne Perez on WWE NXT December 13, 2022

► Mandy Rose could return, if the conditions are right

Unfortunately, things did not end for Mandy Rose as she would have liked, considering the events that have transpired, and now it remains to wait for the 90-day non-compete clause to expire (since she had a main cast contract) and see what is next. What will you decide to do in the future? Having said that, It is not ruled out that WWE reopens the door for his eventual return, something that already happened with Zelina Vega, although you have to keep the differences since the causes and moments are totally different.

in the recent Wrestling Observer LiveBryan Alvarez pointed out, among other things, that WWE it would not have closed the door on a possible return in the future. It is important to note that, knowing what Mand Rose could get from the content of his page, it is unknown if it was a unilateral dismissal or a contract termination by mutual agreement; if it is the latter, the option to return will always be on the table.

“I got the impression that it’s not like she could never come back, and there is a possibility that he will return in the futurebut for now it’s gone.”

Mandy Rose as NXT Champion in NXT 2.0 (08/02/2022) / Twitter.com/RichSchellhase / WWE

Mandy Rose has received support from the WWE Universe as a result of what happened. They have also spoken her former Toxic Attraction teammatesand recently, also received the support of Sarayawho will take her to the main cast at the time.

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WWE would not have completely closed the door on Mandy Rose