WWE wanted a DX meeting in 2002

D-Generation X It is one of the most legendary and controversial groups, not only in WWE, but in the entire history of professional wrestling. The group revolutionized the industry and many talk about it today, since they were in a way a counterweight to what WCW had done with the nWo in the well-known Monday Night Raw. In the month of October, the group met during an episode of Raw, but without Billy Gunn, who is currently in AEW.

DX on WWE RAW October 10, 2022

► Road Dogg was in jail and DX could not meet in 2002

In the recent episode of the podcast Oh… You Didn’t Know? Road Dogg confirmed the story that a possible DX reunion was planned in 2002after they had dissolved years ago, adding that because he was in jail at the time, they could not materialize it.

“Yeah true. I was literally like in jail or something when they came up with the idea. There’s a funny story I should have told on the other podcast we did about Russo saying, ‘Look, I’m trying to get DX back together, bro. Road Dogg is in jail, Chyna is here, she is doing this. I’m going to bring X-Pac, and he’s going to come in.”

“That was a filming conversation that was had. Like it’s that WWA deal. I had a contract, I was being promoted, and I was supposed to be in Las Vegas for the PPV, and I’m in jail in Milton, Florida. And how, people look at me like: ‘You’re supposed to be there, right?’ It’s not going to happen. I’m not going to have that world title fight.”


What did happen was a mini meeting of the group with Shawn Michaels and Triple H on Raw, which was very short-lived due to The Game’s betrayal of his friend, activating a long rivalry between them. Road Dogg justified this move by arguing that they both should be at the top on their own and they weren’t going to get it together.

Shawn and Triple H could never figure it out, are they together? They are separated? You know what I mean? So it’s awesome that they come together and do this DX thing, but they’re very good at what they do. I hate leaving them together. If I’m in charge of creative, you know what I mean? Those guys can be the best on either side of the cast. Any one of them draws, and I could use that, so it’s hard to put them all together and make sense of it all and rate it anyway.”

DX striking his signature pose on the 10/08/2018 edition of Raw - WWE
DX making his characteristic pose in the Raw edition of 08/10/2018 – WWE

WWE did a proper DX reunion in 2006 until Shawn Michaels’ in-ring retirement in 2010, and the group has appeared sporadically on television for special company events in recent years.

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WWE wanted a DX meeting in 2002