WWE Survivor Series 2021 betting update

Less than a week before the celebration of WWE Survivor Series bookmakers start to point out the show’s favorites. The portal 5 Dimes has released an update regarding WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view.

Next, we present the first figures, marking in bold the favorites of each fight:

Mascusline combat between brand champions
Big E (+325) vs. Roman reigns (-475)

Women’s match between brand champions
Becky lynch (-300) vs. Charlote Flair (+225)

Classic men’s combat
Team Raw (+200) vs. Team SmackDown (-280)

Classic female combat
Team Raw (-150) vs. Team SmackDown (+110)

Champion vs. Champion
Damian Priest (-335) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (+245)

Champions vs. Champions
R-Bro (-180) vs. The Usos (+140)

For those who are not familiar with the North American betting system, here is a little explanation: Negative odds indicate how much money you have to bet to get a profit of $ 100, that is, the smaller the number, the less money you make and the more favorite the fighter is. On the other hand, positive odds indicate the profit corresponding to a $ 100 bet, that is, for every $ 100 you invest, you win that amount of money and, therefore, the higher the number, the less favorite the fighter is. .

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WWE Survivor Series 2021 betting update