WWE studies the date for the debut of Cody Rhodes

Shortly after Cody Rhodes’ departure from All Elite Wrestling, all sorts of rumors surfaced about a imminent arrival of The American Nightmare to WWE. As the days passed, the situation seemed to cool down, and as revealed by Dave Meltzer a few days ago, the negotiations had stalled. In the last few hours, it is not yet known if Rhodes has an agreement with WWE, but the renowned journalist commented on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE would have in mind that he would make his return to the company in the RAW program to be held in Jacksonville, Florida on March 14. These were his statements:

“Well, this is the situation. Obviously, WWE wants him for Wrestlemaniatime is running out and I think there are three weeks to go until WrestleMania. So I know Monday’s RAW is in Jacksonville. If he is going to be at WrestleMania, it would make sense for him to debut in Jacksonville, if they already have an agreement, which we don’t know yet.

If it doesn’t show up, I’d assume the deal isn’t closed, because that’s the date they want him for. So, as far as we know, he had a few things lined up for WrestleMania, and he was off the board a few days ago. Talks are still going onAnd I guess we’ll find out.”

Most likely, WWE sees the Jacksonville, Florida stage as a perfect symbolic location for Rhodes’ debut. AEW is headquartered there and has held events during the pandemic at Jacksonville’s Daily’s Place. In addition, in case of wanting to put together a rivalry for Rhodes in the face of WrestleMania, WWE would currently have only three weeks before the event.

As for his possible rival, Seth Rollins is currently without an opponent for WrestleMania, and according to rumors and logic, it is very likely that he was the opponent that WWE reserves for Rhodes. This coming Monday on RAW we will find out if the fighter makes his big return to WWE or if he finally comes to nothing.

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WWE studies the date for the debut of Cody Rhodes