WWE Smackdown Report 7/29

In a Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match: Drew McIntyre defeated Sheamus after a Claymore.

After the match, Theory attacked McIntyre with the briefcase from behind.

Pat McAfee-Happy Corbin segment

Corbin walked through the crowd with a ticket, popcorn and a “loser” sign with McAfee’s photo on it. Corbin interrupted McAfee nonstop. McAfee and Corbin began to argue. Adam Pearce and officials rushed to separate them. Corbin jumped over the barricade and continued yelling at McAfee. Suddenly, Corbin gave McAfee a low blow from behind. McAfee fell and screamed in pain.

Shotzi defeated Aliyah

Liv Morgan & Ronda Rousey defeated Natalya & Sonya Deville

Referee Instructions with Jeff Jarrett, The Street Profits and Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos

Jarrett noted that tomorrow night he’s in charge. Tonight is a different story, and he convinced them to fight. A fight broke out and Jey accidentally kicked Jarrett. The Usos tried to apologize to Jarrett, but he pushed them away.
Dawkins pushed The Usos out of the ring. Ford then lunged at The Usos to end the segment.

Back from the break, Maxxine Dupri presented the Maximum Male Models. They modeled the SummerSlam beachwear. Max Dupri appeared at the end of the segment.

The Viking Raiders defeated The New Day

After the match, The Viking Raiders took their shields and a chair. Woods returned to the ring to protect Kingston. Instead, Ivar smashed Woods in the head with his shield. They yanked Kingston out of the ring and pillmanized Woods’ leg.

Special speech by Paul Heyman

Heyman talked about Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for tomorrow night. He talked about Reigns being the champion for 700 days. He promised that Reigns would be the last man standing.

Suddenly, the music of Brock Lesnar and he headed to the ring. Heyman tried to give him the mic, but Lesnar backed Heyman up in the corner. Theory ran out and attacked Lesnar with the briefcase. Lesnar absorbed the attacks and hit Theory with the briefcase.

Theory left the ring. Suddenly, Drew McIntyre appeared and hit Theory with the Claymore. McIntyre and Lesnar had a showdown to end SmackDown.

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WWE Smackdown Report 7/29