WWE Raw: The mystery of the white rabbit grows

As we had already anticipated here in SUPER FIGHTS after the past SmackDown, the Raw that just happened was of importance around all this mystery with which the company has fans hooked and is called Conejo Blanco (White Rabbit).

The mysteries began with this QR code that appeared and disappeared from the screen in a matter of seconds:

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Thanks to those who watch the show on a computer, that QR code could be read and a video appeared with several WWE Superstars from the Attitude Era forward, saying the phrase: «Who killed the world? You did! Feed your head”, or in Spanish: “Who killed the world? You did it! Feed your head.”

But this is not all. Fans analyzed the source code of the video on WWE.com, and the phrase appears in it: “No man is really good. No man is really bad.” This phrase is the one that starts the song that Aleister Black used in WWEhowever, it is clear that this is a diversionary maneuver to create confusion. Moreover, today Malakai Black already made it clear that he has not received his contractual release from AEW and that he will be back there in a few months.

As was something that happened moments later, because while Bayley was doing a promo, behind her, in the background, a rabbit-faced man appeared walking. Here is the video:

As you can see, the rabbit’s head resembles the Adam Rose rabbit action figure version, as it has ears that look like a bear, unlike the big ears of the bunny suit they used in the WWE shows, and there is great curiosity.

Adam Rose rabbit version action figure

What if the rabbit is Vince McMahon himself? After all, a while ago Adam Rose revealed that one of the ideas for the White Rabbit’s identity was that McMahon will play it. But, clearly, everything indicates that Bray Wyatt is the great card that is expected to be uncovered when it is truly known what is behind all this about the White Rabbit.

White Rabbit WWE
White Rabbit WWE

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WWE Raw: The mystery of the white rabbit grows