WWE RAW returns to TV-14 rating

UPDATE: WWE would have taken a step back in its decision to change the age classification of Monday Night RAW. You can see more details about it in this link.

WWE introduced a series of changes to its television product in 2008, with the aim of reaching a younger audience. In this way began the so-called “Era PG”where violence, insults and sexual content were reduced.

Although for the company said era ended in 2013 or 2014, many fans consider that the “PG Era” continues todaysince the changes introduced in 2008 are still in effect.

However, in recent times we have been able to appreciate several attempts by the company to reach a more adult audience, especially in NXT, but they have never been more than mere details that seemed to go nowhere.

But this will change from the next episode of Monday Night Raw. In this sense, various specialized media, including the Wrestling Observer Y fightfulhave confirmed that the age rating of WWE programs on the USA Network will be changed to “PG-14” starting next Monday, July 18.

At the moment, we do not know what news this modification will entail, although it is expected that the shows will offer more adult content. Secondly, only the change has been confirmed in USA Networkso it is unknown if Friday Night SmackDown it will follow the same path in its broadcast on FOX. We will have to be attentive to future information.

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WWE RAW returns to TV-14 rating