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This is what happened tonight in The WWE RAW Red Mark Program, what was it the first program of the new season of the show with the new wrestlers who arrived after the WWE Draft (Complete WWE Draft 2021 results)

WWE RAW Results October 25

WWE RAW begins with the coming out of the ring of the WWE champion, Big E. The wrestler welcomes everyone to the new season of the red mark and praises his partner, Xavier Woods, for winning the King of the Ring, and also Drew McIntyre. Big E talks about who is going to be his next rival and the music of Seth Rollins plays.

Seth Rollins laughs at Big E but he responds, taunting him for his loss to Edge. Rollins changes and yells at him that he wants a title shot. When Big E goes to give an answer, Rey Mysterio’s music plays. Behind Rey comes Finn Balor, who says he beat Seth rollins to be the first Universal champion and that he deserves that opportunity. Before Seth answers, Kevin Owens comes on stage. Owens comes out and says he won his title after beating Rollins. Rollins tries to attack Owens but he avoids him and tries a stunner on Rollins but he escapes. Finally, Sonya Deville enters the ring and announces a fatal four way ladder match for tonight where the winner will be the new challenger to the title of Big E.

The Street Profits vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs Alpha Academy

This triple threat combat would serve to find the challengers of Randy Orton and Riddle. The fight had been dominated by the Street Profits until suddenly Omos entered and Ford dived against him but Omos caught him on the fly and threw him to the ground. This was taken advantage of by Ziggler and Roode who applied their combination of spinebuster and zig zag to win the fight.

Zelina steps into the ring for her crowning as Queen of WWE. Zelina demands that the announcer re-introduce her as she deserves and immediately sits on the throne and puts on the crown. Zelina says that for a long time she has been ignored but that no one can occupy the queen’s throne like she will. Talk about people who have gotten in your way and talk about Doudrop. Doudrop appears on the scene and a fight is organized between the two.

Zelina Vega vs Doudrop

Short combat where Zelina applied the codebreaker but the count reached two. after this Zelina took out a protector from the corner and while the referee looked to place it properly, Zelina hit Doudrop with the scepter to get the victory

Becky Lynch comes out to the ring, says that she is the new face of RAW and that now she has the title that she never lost and that now she is not going to lose either. Lynch says that Belair is a long way from getting him and talks about the rest of the challengers he may have and that they are going to learn not to mess with Lynch like Bianca and Sasha did on Thursday at Crown Jewel.

Bianca Belair comes out to the ring and says that she is the only face of RAW. Lynch tells him that he was the hero of the public until she arrived and beat him. Belair challenges her to a match right now and Becky Lynch tells her to get to the end of the queue. This causes a brawl between the two fighters that ends with Becky hitting Bianca Belair with the kendo and leaving the ring.

Damian Priest vs T-Bar

Damian Priest has a new entry with his changed music, something we already expected. His rival is T-bar who is now alone on the WWE RAW roster and who also needs a change of image and to be Diajkovic again. The match was being evenly matched until T-Bar gets tired and hits Priest with a chair causing the DQ.. After the fight, T-Bar continues to attack Priest with saddles until he leaves the ring.

Carmella vs Liv Morgan

The rivalry they had on SmackDown seems to have been brought to RAW with great imagination on the part of the writers. Carmella continues to fight with her hideous mask and She will be the one who would take the victory after avoiding a Liv Morgan account and applying her facebuster.

Keith “Bearcat” Lee vs. Cedric Alexander

Bearcat seems to have in mind to destroy all components of Hurt Business, which could lead to an interesting fight against Bobby Lashley. The fight against Alexander was an absolute squash and Keith Lee won with the Big Bang Catastrophe. After the fight, Shelton Benajmin appeared but Keith Lee turned and left.

Dominik Mysterio vs Austin Theory

Things do not start very well for Dominik Mysterio in his journey through the red mark of WWE RAW, since in his fight with Theory he ended up being beaten and the worst thing is that Theory took his typical selfie with him once he had defeated him. Theory won with his ATL and showed that he can be an important piece in this new season of RAW.

Raw Tag Team Championship: RK-Bro vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Roode and Ziggler dominated the first part of the fight over Riddle until he was able to take over from Randy Orton who came in cleaning the house. Then a distraction from Ziggler allowed Roode to attack Orton from behind and the heels to regain control of the fight but eventually Orton and Riddle recovered and Riddle surprised Ziggler with a small package to get the victory and thus retain the titles.

Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match: Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio vs Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens

Very entertaining fight to close the opening night of WWE RAW. They showed us Big E watching the fight from the backstage and in the ring the four contenders exchanged brutal blows like a powerbomb from Rollins to Owens on a ladder, Rey Mysterio did a 619 against a ladder so that it hit Kevin Owens face, but the end of the fight would come when Seth Rollins applied his curb stomp on Finn Balor and would climb the ladder to get the briefcase.

Big E came in and had a face-to-face with Seth Rollins. Rollins backstage spoke with Sarah Schreiber and said that this was his show and that he was going to be the next champion.

And so this new WWE RAW show ended

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WWE RAW Results October 25 + VIDEOS – Planeta Wrestling