WWE RAW Results for November 1 (+ Videos)

PLANET WRESTLING, WWE website, brings you the results of what happened last night, November 1, at the WWE RAW red mark show where Becky Lynch defended her RAW women’s title against Bianca Belair.

WWE RAW results for November 1, 2021

As previously announced, yesterday’s RAW show kicked off with the RAW women’s title match between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair.

Becky Lynch (c) vs Bianca Belair for the WWE RAW women’s title

The RAW women’s title fight lived up to expectations although it was not as good as Crown Jewel’s, Bianca Belair had the opportunity to win but her accounts only reached two and when she returned to try the KOD, Becky Lynch grabbed the cornerback ripping it off and then threw Bianca into the unprotected cornerback and surprised her with a roll up to make the count of three and take the win.

Kevin Patrick interviewed Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Rey said Austin Theory was talented, but he’s also disrespectful. Rey was proud of how Dominik faced him last week.

Theory showed up and threatened to take a selfie with Rey after she defeats him, just like she defeated her son. Dominik told him to show some respect. Rey said Theory isn’t the first person to try to make a name for himself at his expense, but it would show why those other names have faded while Mysterio’s name remains.

Austin Theory vs Rey Mysterio

This combat may be the beginning of the end, as Dominik cost his father the victory in the match when he hit Austin Theory with a punch before Rey Mysterio applied 619. This was seen by the referee who disqualified Rey Mysterio giving Theory the victory.

Rollins came in proudly holding his contract for a title match. He bragged about winning the ladder match and said it feels good given that Raw was his show. The only thing missing was the title and the contract practically guaranteed that he would be the next champion.

Big E interrupted. He said he came out last week to congratulate Rollins, but instead of getting a handshake, Rollins laughed in his face and sneaked off like the Pink Panther. Big E’s aunt told him not to let that strange man bother him.

Rollins talked about his wins over Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre, but said Big E was still not on their level. Rollins suggested that Big E give him the title so he could go back to his losing friends and be a joke like King Woods and KofiMania. Big E told him to respect the king and to respect one of the greatest moments in WWE history – Kofi Kingston winning the title at WrestleMania.

Big E suggested they fight for the title tonight and the audience erupted in applause. Rollins asked the audience if they really wanted to see that and they did the “Yes” chants. Rollins said he wasn’t 100% after recently competing in both a ladder match and a Hell in a Cell match.

Kevin Owens interrupted. Owens said that everyone wants to call themselves the face of Raw, including Rollins and Big E. He called Big E a great champion, while Rollins was a delusional jerk.

Owens said Rollins may have won last week, but all that was being talked about was Owens’ performance. Owens said that he would always keep fighting and also always give fans something to remember.

Owens suggested facing Big E for the first time tonight. Rollins tried to give his opinion, but Owens told him to shut up because no one wants to hear from him. Big E accepted Owens’ challenge.

Nikki ASH & Rhea Ripley vs Queen Zelina & Carmella in a non-title match

Combat that seems to have served to position Zelina and Carmella in search of the WWE tag team titles. Carmella attacked Rhea Ripley which caused Nikki ASH to be distracted and Zelina applied the code red to her to achieve victory for her team.

Chad Gable and Otis approached Big E backstage. Gable agreed with Rollins that Big E wasn’t championship stuff, but it could be if he joined them. Big E didn’t want to end up being a walking thumb like Otis. Gable said that Big E was going to allow Raw to become Monday Night Rollins again. Gable suggested to Big E to watch him turn Finn Bálor from prince to peasant.

Chad Gable vs Finn Balor

Good fight for the little time they had, Balor limped off a Gable ankle lock but was still able to convert a Gable superplex from the third rope into a small packet for the count of three and claim the win.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs The Street Profits

It seems that Street Profits have a problem with Omos, since last week it cost them the victory in the triple threat match and tonight it has been the same since during a moment of chaos in the ring, Omos entered to unleash Montez Ford and this was used by Dolph Ziggler to hit him with a superkick and win the fight. After the same Omos attacked Street Profits and Riddle who tried to help them.

Patrick interviewed Damian Priest and asked him about showing a different side last week. Priest said he tries to keep that side of him at bay, but T-Bar forced him to go to a dark place. He warned T-Bar that he would see the Damian inside him tonight.

NO DQ Match: Damian Priest vs T-Bar

Combat with everything where Priest was caught between the ropes and receiving blows with the T-Bar Kendo. He finally managed to get out and began to hit T-Bar with saddles and then a chokeslaman on a table before applying his reckoning to win the fight. After it appeared Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez.

Schreiber asked Lynch about using vile tactics to win. Lynch dismissed the accusation, noting that half of the public booed her because they were fickle. Lynch said he was in a league of his own and that Belair should step aside for someone new to take over. Liv Morgan appeared at that exact moment, but Lynch just walked away from her.

On the other hand, Rollins offered to help Owens win tonight and offered him his first title shot when he defeats Big E for the title. Owens acted flattered before threatening Rollins. Rollins told Owens to keep fighting while Rollins kept winning.

Big E vs Kevin Owens

The match started with the dominance of Owens who applied two sentons to Big e, then Big E reacted with an STO and then he threw himself between the ropes as usual, while the referee looked at the state of Owens, Rollins attacked Big E. Owens tried to count but Big E scrambled and crucifix pin for the win.

After seeing what had happened in the repetition, Owens wanted to apologize to Big E but he did not accept them and applied a Big Ending to end this week’s program.

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WWE RAW Results for November 1 (+ Videos)