WWE RAW Results December 5, 2022

All the results of WWE RAW December 5.

Tonight, WWE celebrates a new RAW show, and this time it will take place from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. In this program, The Usos will put the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship on the line. In addition, JBL will organize a poker tournament, You can check the full preview of this episode of the red mark here. Next, we leave you the RAW results December 5.

The Bloodline go out to the show and before they speak, a video of Elias being attacked by the faction is shown, so he will not be able to fight tonight in the starting match. The Usos say this is why tonight’s match has been cancelled, although on the bright side Riddle won’t be humiliated tonight and Elias can go home while The Usos can focus on continuing to be the best team in the world. At that moment Riddle comes on stage and says that what they have done has not been good and that he has not been very ‘Ucey’. Sami Zayn interrupts him saying that he is not the one who decides that he is ‘Ucey’ and that he is not. In fact, he says that it has been something ‘Ucey’, as is the fact that The Usos are going to continue to be WWE’s longest-lived Tag Team Champions, while the fact that Riddle goes out to mess with The Bloodline is not. . Sami adds that if he doesn’t want what happened to his partner to happen to him, he should leave. Riddle ends by saying that he has a new partner who, although they don’t like each other, both hate The Bloodline. Kevin Owens comes out to the ring and the match for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship begins.

  • The Usos retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. After the match Kevin Owens runs to attack The Usos and Sami Zayn with a chair, so Solo Sikoa takes the opportunity to attack Riddle brutally, the latter having to be removed on a stretcher.

Rhea Ripley makes clear her intentions to win the Triple Threat Match against Bayley and Asuka tonight and become the new Raw Women’s Champion.

JBL says in his Poker game that it will be as big a show as WrestleMania. Dexter Lumis and Gargano appear and although at first JBL tells them that they are not invited, when they show the money they won from The Miz John invites them to play.

Bayley enters the ring to face Rhea Ripley and Asuka in a Triple Threat. Before the match Becky Lynch appears and says that they haven’t faced each other for 3 years. Bayley tells her that she doesn’t need to tell the story between the two of them and that unlike Becky she doesn’t think about herself and that with Damage CTRL she is trying to take care of Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky. Becky ends by saying that there are two winners and one loser in the group and she wishes Bayley good luck so they can face each other again. Becky leaves and runs into Rhea, with whom she maintains a tense exchange of glances.

  • Bayley takes the victory with a Rose Plant over Asuka. After the match, Rhea Ripley attacks Asuka.

Seth Rollins comes out to the ring and says that next week he will face Bobby Lashley in a match to determine the contender for the United States Championship. He says there are a lot of things he wants to say to Lashley, but it’s not fun that he’s not there. At that moment Lashley enters the ring and Rollins tells him that he has changed since he was defeated by Brock Lesnar and asks if he is scared of Lesnar. Lashley says that he’s not scared to which Rollins tells him that he is so he’s jealous because he’s a bigger star and has won more championships. Lashley replies that this is not about Lesnar but about the United States Championship. Rollins adds that if he doesn’t focus it will be easier to beat him next week than the first time, after which both fighters start hitting each other causing the referees and security to intervene.

Backstage, Theory claims that both Lashley and Rollins are from the past. After this Mustafa Ali appears to ask him for a starting opportunity to which Theory says that he should leave the company. Ali replies that he is not going to give up. After this Theory accepts the challenge and tells him that he does not want to hear him talk about opportunities again.

JBL’s poker game continues and Akira Tozawa accuses Dominik of stealing, Dominik replies that if he has a problem with him, it is with The Judgment Day. JBL tells them that they can’t fight inside so they have to go to which Tozawa replies that he sees him in the ring.

Theory makes his entrance to the ring to defend the WWE United States Championship against Mustafa Ali.

  • The match ends by disqualification after Dolph Ziggler appeared to attack Theory. After this, Ali and Ziggler argue, which Theory takes advantage of to attack both.

Backstage The Miz tries to enter JBL’s poker game, but he doesn’t get it because he doesn’t have enough money because he had to pay Dexter Lumis.

JBL’s poker game ends disastrously after The OC and Baron Corbin and Alpha Academy get into a fight and retie each other to a match.

  • The OC take victory in combat.

Akira Tozawa and Dominik Mysterio face off in the next match of the night.

  • Dominik Mysterio takes the victory. After the match The STreet Profits come out to help Tozawa.

Adam Pierce warns Bobby Lashley that what happened tonight with Rollins cannot happen again.

Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross and Becky Lynch face each other in the main event of the night.

  • Alexa Bliss takes the victory after applying a Twisted Bliss on Nikki Cross. During the match, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky appeared to attack Becky Lynch.

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WWE RAW Results December 5, 2022