WWE Raw Report 4/18 – Theory is crowned new US champion

Seth Rollins comes out to start Raw. Rollins said that he wanted to party but he didn’t want to do it alone, so he invited Cody Rhodes to the ring.

Rhodes comes out to a great reaction. Rollins complained about facing a mystery opponent at WrestleMania. Rollins said that he was better than Rhodes despite what Rhodes might think.

Rollins had a suggestion. If Rhodes thought it was that easy, he should fight tonight against a mystery opponent of Rollins’ choosing. The crowd chanted “Yes”. Rhodes emphatically agreed.

Sasha Banks & Naomi defeated Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan

Ripley argued with Morgan afterwards for not helping her. Ripley then attacked Morgan from behind her and knocked her down with a Rip-tide.

Sarah Schreiber attempted to interview Ripley after a break, but Ripley said no one deserved an explanation.

Sonya Deville/Bianca Belair segment. Sonya insulted her and Belair picked her up for her KOD but Deville warned her to put her down or else she would be suspended from her. Belair knocked her to the ground.

Veer Mahaan defeated Jeff Brooks

In the back, Deville complained to Adam Pearce that Belair got his hands on him. Pearce said they will take action (a fine) against Belair. Belair entered. He offered to pay his fine to Pearce. Belair held up a $1 bill and handed it to Pearce.

KO Show with lie detector test for Ezekiel. Gable was the one who tested him. It ends with him guessing that it is not Elias.
Ezekiel called Owens the biggest liar in WWE. Ezekiel was happy to have his first meeting tonight in Buffalo. Gable tackled Ezekiel from behind.

Ezekiel defeated Chad Gable via disqualification when Otis ran in and dropped Ezekiel for the DQ.
The Street Profits vs. Randy Orton & Riddle in a non-title match when The Usos’ music played for distraction.

Edge/Damian Priest segment

Edge said that this side has always been within him and that the seeds were planted when he first came to the Brood, but we all forgot about that. Edge said that Priest was disrespected when Bad Bunny grabbed all the attention at WrestleMania last year.
Edge challenged Styles to a rematch at Backlash to ultimately drive a stake through his heart.

In the locker room, Schreiber asked Styles about Edge’s challenge. Styles referred to him as “Judge Edge” and accepted the challenge. The lights flickered on and Styles warned Schreiber to get out. Dim blue lights came on to reveal Priest and Edge. Styles attacked them, but they knocked him down.

Theory defeated Finn Bálor fair and square to win the United States Championship.

After the match, a group of rough wrestlers come out to pick Theory up and celebrate his title win. Vince McMahon goes out to the ramp area. Theory joined him on stage and they took a selfie.

The 24/7 talents’ wedding segment ends with the rings being put on before the men kiss their brides. That made it official, so Reggie immediately pinned Brooke to win the 24/7 title. Tamina took Reggie down and ironed him out before Tozawa rolled Tamina up to win the title. Brooke gave Tozawa to win back the title.

Earlier today, MVP had a message for Bobby Lashley. MVP couldn’t believe Lashley would compete without him at WrestleMania, but he moved on to something bigger and better. He made Lashley the All Mighty, imagine what he can do with Omos.

Schreiber interviewed Lashley. Lashley said that he knew he had to go through Omos to get to MVP. Omos was bigger than him, but next week we would find out who was stronger because he accepted the arm wrestling contest.

Rollins introduced Rhodes’ opponent, Kevin Owens.

Cody Rhodes over Kevin Owens by count out of the ring when Owens decides to leave. After the fight Rollins attacked Cody to end the show.

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WWE Raw Report 4/18 – Theory is crowned new US champion