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From PLANET WRESTLING, WWE website, one more night of spectacular WWE RAW live.

Like every Monday we bring you closer the best coverage and live results of WWE RAW. We are going to tell you live and enjoy together the entire event of the red brand, today Monday, November 8.


And in the foreground we would have Kevin Owens living with the current champion of the company, but will it be for the purpose of indirectly reaching the title? that will be decided by time …


Seth Rollins arrives on the string and really seems to be trying to provoke everyone who does not like his style, however he spoke about a very important issue that was who would lead the Survivor Series team, to which he offered himself as a candidate, later he would give some strong statements about Kevin Owens; ”Owens He will stab you in the back any chance he gets. YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME? WHY DON’T YOU ASK HIS OLD FRIEND Sami zayn? Moments later Kevin attacked Rollins however he could not cause him much damage

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WWE RAW Live November 8, 2021: Coverage and Results – PW