WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | live results

WWE RAW FEBRUARY 5, 2022.— Matt Riddle Y Elijah They have formed a good duo, although the truth is it’s not proven enough. last november 21debuted as a team defeating Chad Gable Y otisand now, in their second joint engagement, they will go for him WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship in view of Jimmy Uso Y Jey Uso. Will they achieve the surprise or will they become part of the statistics of The Bloodline? The action of the red mark of WWE is issued from the Capital One Arenain Washington, D.C.

JBL He has a poker tournament prepared for this Monday. Who will be the participants in this curious competition?

WWE Raw December 5, 2022
Live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. Central Time

WWE Raw December 5, 2022.

Moments before starting the program, the members of The Bloodline attacked Elias in the parking lot and the latter will not be able to fight, and the Champions took advantage of the situation to “cancel the match.”

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Despite that, The Usos said they were open to defending the titles against anyone, and Matt Riddle came to interrupt them and tell them that what they did to Elias was not “very Ucey.” Sami Zayn told him that only he decided what was “Ucey” and what was not.

Riddle said that he got a partner and that they will still have their match: Kevin Owens will be the one to help the Original Bro dethrone The Usos.

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WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | Live results | The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Elias

1. WWE Undisputed Couples Championship: The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens did not waste time and began attacking Jey with everything, forcing him out of the ring. After the commercial cut, the dominance passed to the champions, managing to isolate Riddle in a two against one, but he managed to resist and refused to lose. KO re-entered and, because he was fresh, he managed to neutralize the champions, exchanging kicks with Jimmy. Eventually, KO was distracted outside the ring, and although Riddle launched himself against Bloodline’s men, when he returned to the ring, things did not go well for him thanks to a new distraction from Sami Zayn.

The end

With 1D, The Usos defeated Riddle

  • Good fight and with some intensity, despite the short time.
  • The rhythm was lost with the commercials.

After the match, The Bloodline was about to attack Riddle, but Kevin Owens dispersed them with a chair, though Solo Sikoa stayed behind and was the one to “execute” Riddle, even with the help of a chair.

Riddle was carried out of the ring on a stretcher.

JBL thanked his guests for his poker tournament, and Dexter Lumis arrived with Johnny Gargano and a nice sum of money, which convinced the WWE Hall of Famer to let him participate.

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Becky Lynch interrupted Bayley again before their scheduled fight and came to the ring to remind her that they have not faced each other in three years. While she praised the fact that she buoyed up the division during the ThunderDome era, her return put her in her shoes.

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Bayley told her that she shouldn’t interrupt her victory in the triple threat, and told her that she was self-centered, unlike her who thinks about the future and everyone, while messing with the public. The public chanted Becky’s name and reminded Bayley that she was the only loser in her group and that she expected to face her next week. Before leaving, Becky caught sight of Rhea Ripley, who was also entering.

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WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | Live results | The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Elias

2. Bayley vs. Asuka vs. rhea ripley

Asuka, the third in contention, was the one who took the initiative with several kicks, but Rhea and Bayley were too much for her and the first cornered her against the corner, until Bayley tried to take advantage of the situation where each one was on their own. Rhea was dominating and Bayley and Asuka managed an unusual temporary partnership to neutralize her, before they turned on each other. Rhea recovered and with a Cannonball stopped her rivals. After the commercial break, the contest began to get complicated for the gladiators, since it was very difficult to get a touch from behind without someone interrupting. Asuka was dominating with a series of kicks and an Ankle Lock on Bayley, but she knocked her out of the ring when she kicked Rhea. Bayley asked Rhea to work together, but she didn’t accept and they started hitting each other. Asuka took the opportunity to apply a Codebreaker and two Asuka Locks to her rivals, but she was unsuccessful. Bayley, and then Rhea also had their moments to control their rivals, but Rhea missed a lunge outside the ring, and Bayley was left alone with Asuka in the ring.

The end

After missing an attack from the air, Bayley achieved victory with the Rose Plant.

  • Good triple threat. The WWE women’s division continues to stand out

After the match, Rhea Ripley took it out on Asuka and hit her with a Riptide, but she was grabbing her shoulder.

Seth Rollins came to the ring to tell us that next week he will face Bobby Lashley with the possibility of becoming the number one challenger for the United States Championship. As the audience sang his song, Bobby Lashley arrived.

Rollins told Lashley that he hasn’t been the same since he lost to Brock Lesnar and he thinks he’s afraid of him. Lashley seemed unimpressed by Rollins’ mind games, who kept telling him that he was jealous of The Beast Incarnate.

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Lashley began to lose patience and reminded him that he wants the United States Championship, while Rollins continued with the mind games, and it didn’t take long for them to go to blows. Adam Pearce and several officers came to separate them, but it didn’t seem like enough. Out of anger, Lashley speared one of the officers by accident.

Behind the scenes, Austin Theory cataloged Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins as the past, and met Mustafa Ali, who let him know that he will not give up on his quest to become United States Champion. Theory told him that he will give him a starting shot, but on the condition that if he defeats him, he must leave him alone.

We went back to poker and Corbin lost to Lumis and told him he was a cheater, though he freaked out when he saw the axe. At another table, Akira Tozawa and Dominik Mysterio began to argue and agreed to a fight so as not to spoil the place.

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WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | Live results | The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Elias

3. United States Championship: Austin Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali got another shot at a title that was eluding him, and started at a good pace, confusing his rival with quick attacks; however, the Champion took advantage of an oversight and crashed it against the post and against the protection barrier to neutralize his challenger. After the commercial break, both were in the ring, with a Mustafa Ali who had recovered and achieved several counts of two, but Theory again showed his aggressive side and punished Ali.

The end

Dolph Ziggler appeared out of nowhere to attack Theory and the disqualification was decreed

  • Mustafa Ali has the necessary quality as a challenger.

Mustafa Ali called out Ziggler for costing him his chance and Theory attacked him from behind. He then tossed Ali into the corner and landed the A-Town Down on Ziggler.

The Miz complained to JBL for not having invited him to his tournament and the Hall of Fame member let him know that he was not capable of honoring his debts.

After a heated discussion, we saw that Dexter Lumis made a lot of money in Poker.

Backstage, Bianca Belair said she was ready to take on any of the contenders for her title.

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WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | Live results | The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Elias

4. The OC vs. Alpha Academy and Baron Corbin

Those of The OC started dominating, with Corbin carrying the biggest load for his team, and taking advantage of the fact that his teammates took advantage to cheat. After the commercial break, Styles was isolated by his rivals. Finally Styles reached his corner to relieve Anderson, who had Gable in trouble. Otis came back to neutralize Anderson, but Styles came back and neutralized him.

The end

Gallows and Anderson defeated Gable with the Magic Killer.

  • The OC scored an important victory.
  • The first part was not so good.

Candice LeRae was interviewed backstage and said she came back to give Damage CTRL a message. Gargano and Lumis arrived with a lot of money and all three left.

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WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | Live results | The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Elias

5. Akira Tozawa vs. Dominik Mysterio

Dominik arrived with the rest of Judgment Day with the intention of roughing up his opponent, but Tozawa started with quick movements to take the initiative, although Dominik quickly put him in his place, connecting him with the Three Amigos. Akira had some offense, but he missed a Senton and he was done.

The end

With a Frog Splash, Dominik took the victory.

  • Akira Tozawa had time on television

The Street Profits appeared to stop The Judgment Day from hurting Akira Tozawa any further.

Adam Pearce confronted Bobby Lashley and told him he won’t let an officer get hurt and next time he’ll suspend him.

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WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | Live results | The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Elias

6. Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

The stakes were high here, and we watched Alexa and Becky kick off the hostilities in the ring, with Nikki watching outside. Alexa was about to apply a Sister Abigail, remembering her old self. Nikki finally decided to take part in the fight and the brawl broke out between the three of them, with Becky taking control for a while, and then it was Nikki’s turn, who punished her two rivals outside the ring, before setting up a table, although not step over. After the commercial, Becky regained control, but she was unable to get the win against Nikki, until Alexa came back and neutralized them with a Cannonball. Immediately afterwards, the three were lying behind a Superplex. Alexa and Nikki struggled, with the latter trying to apply The Purge, which was reinforced with a throw from Becky from the top rope, but without success. Even so, Becky looked more whole and after a struggle she managed to apply the Manhandle Slam to Nikki; however, Dakota and Iyo arrived to prevent Becky from achieving victory and slammed her against the table.

The end

In the ring, Alexa Bliss got the win with a Twisted Bliss.

  • Good stellar. They all glowed.
  • Becky Lynch returned at a high level, despite having been injured.

There was no change of sides, but Alexa will face Bayley next week.

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WWE RAW February 5, 2022 | live results