WWE Monday Night Raw superstar will recover his previous character

The new creative direction of WWEwith Triple H at the head, continues to outline the company’s main roster. The Company Content Director he has focused his efforts on his talent, bringing back several former superstars and making changes to some of his characters.

Among these modifications we find the recovery of full names (As austin theory either matt riddle), but also with the return of old attitudes or characters, as in the case at hand. And it is that, according to Mike Johnson, a journalist from PW Insider, WWE has ruled out the character of Ezekiel.

Johnson points out that Ezekiel’s name no longer appears on the company’s internal lists, where he was recently replaced by his “older brother” Elias. It should be remembered that Ezekiel was brutally attacked by Kevin Owens a few weeks ago, which is why he was removed from the company’s programming. The fighter is therefore expected to make his return at some point as Elias.

After being defeated in a Symphony of Destruction Match before Jaxson Ryker, Elias disappeared from television for 9 months. When he finally returned, he did so with a new character, Ezekiel, his younger brother, who soon started a rivalry with Kevin Owens. The Canadian was convinced that it was actually Elias, although the rest of the roster claimed that they were two different people.

Nevertheless, Despite having the favor of the public, Ezekiel did not stand out at any time. Due to this, with the arrival of Triple H, the decision was made to get rid of the character, while recovering the cold and ruthless Owens from his beginnings on the main roster. However, it seems that the Canadian will not end up embodying his old self completely, since the company has placed him on the side face of the roster.

As for Elias and Ezekiel, it should be remembered that, last June, in the middle of the rivalry with the Canadian, the company recorded a segment in backstage where both brothers appeared together. In fact, this was Elias’s last appearance on the Monday Night Raw schedule.

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WWE Monday Night Raw superstar will recover his previous character