WWE Monday Night Raw Results December 12, 2022

USA Network will broadcast the episode number 1,542 of WWE Monday Night Raw today Monday, December 12, 2022 live from the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, WI. The card features several matches of interest, highlighting the fight between Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley for a United States Championship opportunity, and the confrontation between Alexa Bliss and Bayley to determine the next challenger for the Raw Women’s Title.


Asuka vs. rhea ripley


We see several photos of a sulking The Miz, dressed as an elf, while helping Dexter and Gargano distribute gifts in the stadium.


We look at the history of Tribute to the Troops, the annual event dedicated to US troops, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Sikoa continues to attack the face. After applying the Samoan Spike, Solo grabs a chair and tries to repeat the events of last week. However, Owens bursts into the ring and executes a Stunner on the Samoan. Sikoa recovers and tries to get revenge, but Kevin grabs the chair and threatens the heel, making him back off. Elias tries to thank his savior, but Elias responds by applying a Stunner to him.


Only Sikoa defeats Elias


A Sikoa Superkick, followed by an uranage puts an end to the fight.


Sikoa once again dominates the fight. However, Elias recovers, avoiding a frog splash and an attack on the corner. Several Corner splashes, followed by a spinebuster and a neckbreaker almost gave the guitarist victory. Sami distracts him.


The Samoan dominates the first bars of the fight. Elias tries to recover, but Sikoa stops the face’s offensive. With several kicks, Elias manages to expel Solo from the ring. He gets angry and grabs a metal chair, but Sami stops him and calms him down.


Only Sikoa vs. Elijah


Only Sikoa interrupts Elias. Accompanied by Sami Zayn, he prepares to fight his fight against the musician.


Elias gives a Matt Riddle tribute concert. The guitarist claims to have found the lyrics to a song written by Riddle himself, so he gets ready to sing it. The lyrics are about the friendship between the two.


Elias asks Kevin Owens for help. The guitarist wants me to accompany him in his fight against Solo Sikoa. The Canadian is surprised by the request after what happened this year with Ezekiel. Elias reminds him that he attacked him with a guitar after what he did to his brother, so they are now at peace. Owens does not believe the proposal and leaves.


Commentators are reporting that Matt Riddle will be out of action for 6 weeks. The attack received by Solo Sikoa has damaged his trachea, preventing him from being able to speak and even breathe.


IYO SKY defeats Candice LeRae


SKY’s dropkick, which sends his opponent to ringside. The Japanese tries to apply a powerbomb, but LeRae reverses it into a Frankensteiner. Back on the ring, Candice receives a suplex. Despite the face’s attempts to pull herself together, she ultimately falls victim to a final Lost in the Sky.


IYO dominates LeRae after applying a facebreaker in the corner. The face counterattacks with a clothesline, followed by a DDT tornado for a count that stays in two.


Candice manages to apply a senton on IYO’s back, followed by an enzuigiri. The Japanese manages to reverse the situation, but she is soon knocked down by the face once again, this time with the help of the ropes.


IYO SKY vs. Candice LeRae

IYO SKY vs. Candice LeRae


Gargano proposes a ladder match, but for this The Miz will have to put more money, the same amount that Dexter has. The heel points out that he doesn’t have it, but his wife does. Johnny and the public laugh at Miz and his “balls”. He is furious and accepts the deal. Adam Pearce gives the thumbs up. However, Gargano proposes something else: that the heel help them tonight to distribute the gifts they have bought. The heel refuses but, once again, Adam approves the idea.


Dexter and Gargano hand out gifts to the audience. However, The Miz appears out of nowhere and snatches their money. Adam Pearce appears, stopping her from running away. The officer demands that he return the money. After entering the ring, the heel points out that this money is his. Johnny suggests that he double the bet. If he wants the money, he’s going to have to fight for it.


Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis buy all the items from the official WWE store at the stadium. Dexter picks up a stuffed animal with a Christmas hat and gives it to a child. He thanks him while the fighter follows his friend.


The Judgment Day defeat Akira Tozawa and The Street Profits


Akira unleashes a relentless series of punches on Dominik before the match turns chaotic, with all the contestants executing their finishers. Tozawa manages to apply a two DDT to Finn and Mysterio, but when he tries to end the fight, Damian Priest catches him from the apron, executing a Crucificix Powerbomb. Dominik only has to cover his rival to get the victory.


Damian takes over from Dominik, who begins to apply The Three Amigos, but does not finish the attack to further enrage the public. Finn enters and catches his rival with a headlock. The face manages to take over from Angelo, but the referee doesn’t see it. Finally he succeeds and Dawkins enters destroying all his rivals.


Back from publicity, we see Montez trying to take down Priest. He finally does it thanks to a sunset flip. The action moves to ringside. Ford attacks Mysterio, causing Damian to throw him over the announce table. Montez struggles back only to receive a tremendous clothesline courtesy of Priest.


Finn Bálor falls to the combination of Dawkins and Ford. Turn for Akira Tozawa, who exchanges several attacks with the Irishman before expelling him from the ring. However, when she tries to jump on him, Damian gets in the way, allowing his leader to attack the Japanese from behind and regain control of the fight.


Angelo and Damian Priest begin the fight. The initial equality is broken when the heel manages to hit with a punch.


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The Judgment Day vs. Akira Tozawa and The Street Profits


Cathy Kelley asks The Street Profits why they saved Akira Tozawa last week. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford respond that they couldn’t let The Judgment Day hurt their friend. He responds with a shout. His companions do the same before heading to the ring.


Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis try to figure out how to spend all the money Lumis received from The Miz. Candice LeRae appears and asks what they are doing. When Gargano explains, Candice suggests that they use it to make others happy. After all, it is Christmas.


AJ Styles defeats Chad Gable


Gable executes a moonsault, but Styles dodges it. After exchanging several attacks, the face finally manages to catch his rival, executing a definitive Styles Clash.


Chad goes for a superplex, but AJ escapes, starting a quick counteroffensive. It’s Chad’s turn, who applies several German suplexes on his rival. AJ tries to catch the heel’s leg, but it is finally Gable who applies the Ankle Lock. AJ manages to escape, only for Chad to apply a new suplex.


Gable tries to subdue AJ from the start, forcing him to reach the ropes. Styles responds with a dropkick followed by a backbreaker. Gable attacks the face’s throat and, after several chops, tries to expel him from the ring. However, it is he who finally falls to ringside. When Styles tries to jump on him, Otis distracts him, allowing his partner to get the upper hand, throwing Face against the metal stairs.


AJ Styles vs. Chad Gable


Chad Gable is enraged by the events of the last episode of SmackDown, when Kurt Angle hosed down milk at Alpha Academy. The OC laugh, which upsets Gable and Otis. AJ tells them that Karl Anderson has sent them the video of that moment from Japan. Both groups argue until they decide to agree to a fight for tonight.


Will Alexa Bliss return to her darker self?


Bianca congratulates Alexa on her victory. They both merge into a hug before Alexa threatens to apply the Sister Abigail to her. Scared and disoriented by what just happened, Alexa leaves.


Alexa Bliss defeats Bayley


Bayley hits Alexa twice in a row against the cornerback. Bliss resists receiving the count of three and Bayley removes one of the corner protectors. Belair snatches it away, causing an argument between the two. Alexa takes advantage of it to attack the heel. Returning to the ring, the face sends her opponent into the unprotected cornerback with a dropkick before executing her Twisted Bliss on the leader of Damage CTRL.


After returning from publicity, we see Bayley dominate the fight. Alexa fails to try to hit her knees on her rival and she counterattacks with a clothesline to her neck. After applying a slam, Bayley looks for the count of three, but Alexa flees to ringside. Bayley approaches the ropes, allowing Bliss to use them against her. After hitting her opponent at ringside, Alexa launches a cannoball at her.


Alexa becomes enraged and unleashes a series of attacks on Bayley. After catching the heel’s arm, she takes refuge in the ropes, but back in action, she receives a crossbody from the face. Bayley leaves the ring again. Alexa tries to jump on her, but her heel manages to throw her against her post.


Alexa executes a powerbomb in the first moments of combat, forcing Bayley to leave the ring to recover. Before going back in, she uses the ropes to hit the face, allowing her to take control.


After the entrance of Alexa Bliss, Bianca Belair appears to observe the fight from the front row.


Bayley appears accompanied by Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, who are quickly eliminated from the equation when Becky Lynch attacks them. The Irish woman takes a metal chair and makes them flee through the public.


Raw Women’s Championship Shot Match – Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Raw Women's Championship Shot Match - Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss


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WWE Monday Night Raw Results December 12, 2022