WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and Results for October 25, 2021

Monday Night Raw begins a new season with the arrival of the wrestlers selected in the last Draft.

The WWE Champion, Big E, open the show. E congratulates his friend Xavier Woods, who became King of the Ring in Crown Jewel. Also, consider that Drew McIntyre has done better than he was a week ago after their confrontation.
Big E says there is no rest, and with the arrival of so many Superstars he wonders who, but does not get to say anything more because he is interrupted.

Seth rollins He goes out to face Big E. Rollins says he wants the WWE Championship, but E tells him to go to the end of the line. Seth says Roman Reigns is afraid of him. “Do you want to be like Roman Reigns, or do you want to be a wrestling champion?” Asks Seth.

Mistery King He comes out to answer Seth. He tells him that his vision is probably obstructed by the blows to the head that Edge gave him. “If anyone deserves an opportunity, it is me. I think my resume speaks for itself,” says Rey, and goes on to review the number of degrees he got at the company.

Finn balor He also comes out to intervene. Finn also goes over his championships, and says the WWE one is one he hasn’t had yet. Seth insists that he is indicated.

Kevin Owens makes an appearance. Kevin says he doesn’t want to be “that guy,” but he also goes over his accomplishments in WWE. He adds that it was in this same arena where he became Universal Champion, and the person who won for that title was Seth Rollins.

Sonya Deville comes out to announce her decision. A Fatal Four Way ladder match to decide the challenger to Big E.

Fight for a chance for the Raw Couples Championships
Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs. Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) vs. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis)

Montez seeks to control Chad, who escapes with agility and technique. Montez reacts and gives the relief for Angelo. Together they attack Dirty Dawgs when they intervene. Otis charges at them but they take him out with a double Dropkick. Upon returning from commercials, Roode applies a Suplex to Montez. Ford bumps out of the Dirty Dawgs corner and crawls toward his partner. Ziggler stops him, looks for the Famouser but Ford reverses with Sit Out Powerbomb. Otis takes over from Ziggler and sends Ford against the cornerback. Charge but hit the post. Dawkins receives the relief and charges against all the rivals that approach him. German Suplex with bridge by Chad, Montez breaks the account with a Frog Splash. Omos comes out and heads to the ring. Ford flies over him, but Omos catches him and throws him against the barricade. Angelo approaches, Omos hits him and Dirty Dawgs take the opportunity to finish him off.
Winners: Dirty Dawgs.

Dirty Dawgs will challenge RK-Bro for the Raw Tag Team Championships tonight.

Zelina vega leaves for his coronation. He claims Mike Rome for his way of presenting her, and forces him to do it again but with the importance that the queen deserves. Zelina says that no other fighter could have been queen, and that the crown is a proof that she is the best of the best. Several wrestlers watch Zelina’s speech from backstage.

Doudrop vs. Zelina vega
Zelina still has her scepter and asks Doudrop to bow to her. Doudrop takes her by the scepter and applies a Clothesline to her. Doudrop applies a Body Slam followed by Leg Drop to Vega, completely taking control of the match. Zelina escapes from Doudrop and hits her from behind. Doudrop slowly advances towards her, Zelina dodges and corners her. Double Knees to Doudrop’s face, who escapes on the count of three. Zelina attacks with the scepter while the referee is distracted by fixing a corner guard and takes the victory.
Winner: Zelina Vega.

Becky lynch goes out to the ring. She says it feels good to have the Raw Women’s Championship again, and remembers that no one has defeated her for this title. “You can’t always get what you want, unless it’s me, I always get it,” Lynch says of Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair, whom he recently defeated.

Bianca belair interrupts Lynch. “I wasn’t the one who got the bill. Or should I say, the one you cheated on to cover,” says Bianca. “If there is anyone who should be ashamed, it is you,” he shoots. “Since SummerSlam, you’ve found a way to get away from me. I beat Charlotte Flair, that should give me a shot at the title you have,” says Bianca. Belair says she will be the face of Monday Night Raw. Becky shows on the giant screen the face she had at the end of the match in Crown Jewel, to tell her that Belair had the face of a loser and cannot represent Raw.
“You thought people were going to cheer you on, but people support me and that annoys you. You may have the title, but you need validation. Behind that title, the inflated ego, you have nothing,” says Bianca. Belair challenges Lynch to a match tonight.
“Look at my face. Go to the end of the line, f *****”, Becky throws. They go to blows and Belair applies a Spinebuster. Becky escapes from the ring but Bianca goes for her and throws her over the commentary table. Becky tries to attack her with a kendo stick, but Bianca stops her and uses it herself. Looking for the KOD, Lynch escapes and attacks with the stick.
“You want a match? You got it … but not tonight!” Lynch yells before leaving.

Kevin Owens and Finn Balor they speak backstage. KO tells him that he is one of the people he respects the most, and apologizes that he will have to win this. “I need to win,” says KO, and says it will be each man on his own.

Damian Priest vs. T-Bar
Damian seeks to surprise with The Reckoning but T-Bar escapes and goes on the attack. Discus Boot and count of two about Priest. Damian responds with several kicks, T-Bar applies a Chokebreaker for the count of two. Moonsault from T-Bar but not enough. Falcon Arrow from Priest and Clothesline to get T-Bar out of the ring. T-Bar throws a commentator chair at Priest!
Winner: Damian Priest by disqualification.

Damian Priest is enraged and destroys T-Bar. He throws the chair over him and throws him brutally against the barricade and the metal steps. Damian returns him to the ring and applies The Reckoning to him.

Carmella says it is the diamond from Monday Night Raw. She understands that women feel insecure around her, as in the case of Liv Morgan. “But I always have plans. With this mask, no one will be able to stop me, and I will prove that I am the most beautiful woman in WWE,” Carmella closes.

Carmella vs. Liv morgan
Carmella dominates Liv from the start. During her dominance, she yells at him that Liv is jealous of her. Morgan responds with a kick and charges with a knee. Carmella then stops her with a kick, and worries about the blow to her face. Liv tries to send him face to face with the commentary table, Carmella manages to avoid it and starts screaming. Liv takes advantage and attacks her from behind. Back in the ring, they exchange pins without success. Carmella finishes with a Facebuster and takes the victory.
Winner: Carmella.

Keith Bearcat Lee vs. Cedric Alexander (w / Shelton Benjamin)
Lee dominates Cedric with his power. Alexander steps down from the ring and tries to attack on his way back, but Keith safely stops him. Cedric connects several kicks, but Lee knocks him down and finishes for the count of three.
Winner: Keith Bearcat Lee.

After the fight, Shelton Benjamin stands defiantly before Lee.

Mistery King talk to your son Dominik about ladder combat. Dominik supports his father for combat and Rey thanks him. Austin Theory appears and asks Rey for a photo. She changes her mind and tells Dominik to get it out of her. Dominik refuses and Theory challenges him to a match. Rey offers to be in his corner, but Dominik responds that he already has other things to take care of and will be able to do it on his own.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Austin Theory

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WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and Results for October 25, 2021