WWE is considering making major changes to the brand division rules – Planeta Wrestling

It seems like everything indicates that tonight there may be important changes within WWE. The fact is that the tribal chief, the biggest dog in the ring, the head of the table and ultimately the face of the entire company can cause Raw to make important decisions.

With Raw ratings still very low and AEW still winning in the key 18-49 age demographic, Vince seems to want to make new decisions. With Roman Reigns it is a way to calm the USA Network complaints after all the quality of the roster is on the FOX network in the blue mark.

WrestleVotes reports that tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw could be the beginning of how they handle their divided brands. Andrew Zarian The Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast reported last week that there is pressure from television networks to keep shows up to par. With star power and when one show does something great, the other show is expected to get the same treatment.

Some talks I overheard over the weekend included how important tonight’s RAW number is. Preliminary plans aside, with their biggest full-time star in Roman Reigns announced to work on tonight’s RAW, a larger-than-normal number would open the box to showcase the top superstars of both brands.

The company is going to make a decision just a few days before the draft where if the two brands allow to have the best of each brand, be it the universal champion on Raw or for example Bobby Lashley on SmackDown, This way you don’t leave a limp on the two main WWE brands.

At the moment that the ratings seem to go up having the most important fighter, drastic decisions can be made and in the coming months have the best superstars within the two main brands. It is evident that Raw has much to improve while SmackDown with little roster and stories, attracts much more than the most talented show and more time on television.

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