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Going through a competing company before seems to have served as an important endorsement for some competitors when it comes to thriving in their second stage as Superstars of WWE. happened with bobby lashley Y Drew McIntyre and maybe it will happen with cody rhodesthe hottest name in today’s fight.

But there is another gladiator who may also join the club of those redeemed: L.A. Knight. The former Eli Drake tried to gain a foothold in the NXT early last decade, but according to their own statements, disagreements with the producer bill demott led to his dismissal. A year later, Demott left WWE after being accused of abuse by various talents.

Y After his years in TNA, Knight today has the three characteristics necessary to succeed under the great lights of WWE: good physique, charisma and ease at the microphone. In fact, Dave Meltzer took aim last January that the company held in high regard and planned his debut on the main cast after WrestleMania 38. Something that has not happened yet.


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The most recent information about the future of LA Knight comes from fightfulmeans that reveals that the gladiator and Rachel Gonzalez They are on the verge of definitively leaving NXT, although it does not seem so imminent in the case of the former Million Dollar Champion. And as a bonus, Fightful adds that WWE has in mind that Knight work as a manageralthough it is not a closed plan.

Idea reminiscent of the one that, according to Dave Meltzer, WWE kept for Adam Cole for the main cast and that today “All Elite” said he had never heard. We will see if this time, LA Knight ends up under that role.

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WWE is considering LA Knight acting as manager on Raw or SmackDown | Superfights