WWE is allowing more profanity on its major brands – Planeta Wrestling

One of the changes that fans are noticing in the main brands is those of more adult content in each segment. In fact the president of the company allows this to happen, since now having the competition of AEW has realized that it must exploit that factor.

In the red mark and developmental mark, both content and language not suitable for children is already being used. Be it with the story of Dexter and Indi or for example the use of the word “shit” on Raw. Fightful She first reported a few weeks ago on plans to get bolder and was very noticeable during some of the skits with Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis.

Now that Vince wants to attract younger fans, this language is expected to undergo changes. Since this new NXT is fighting to get a younger audience to maintain a hegemony over the years. But in this aspect the management of the company fails and they expect more changes.

Ringside News reported that while fans can expect to see more profanity on Raw and “definitely” NXT, It won’t be the same on SmackDown because SmackDown has “standards and practices” that prohibit that show from using profanity.

An example in the blue mark was when Roman spoke of the “missionary” position in which many fans saw it as daring and fun. In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave meltzer said WWE sources commented on this and had the following to say:

“Smackdown has no standards or practices. FOX does. And FOX doesn’t like profanity very much. “

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