WWE intends to redesign several of its championships

Triple H became the creative head of WWE on July 25, 2022 and made some drastic changes to the product. Changes are also taking place behind the scenes, and that has fans and company workers excited. The latest rumor that is circulating is that WWE, under the leadership of Triple H, would like to make changes to the design of numerous championships. However, it is not known which titles will be modified in their design.

The Twitter user Dan Beltzerbetter known as Belt Fan Dan, who has already revealed some new skins in the past, published the tweet about the changes in the design of the belts on Friday, and this has got WWE fans pretty excited.

“Rumors say that Triple H is making numerous changes to the design of the belts.”

WWE has kept pretty much the same layout for its main titles since 2013, when The Rock presented the latest WWE Championship design. The company did introduce a new Intercontinental Championship belt in 2019 and a year later another United States Championship design.

It is worth mentioning that WWE under Triple H is already seeing a lot of promising changes, with one department in particular witnessing positive change after The Game took over the company. Triple H is also open to hearing new ideas from the talents. We will have to wait to see what the Brain Killer has in store for the talents and millions of WWE fans around the world.

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WWE intends to redesign several of its championships