WWE incapable of a rivalry between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

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WWE does not know how to lead a rivalry between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

It has been spoken of the fight between the two Maximum Champions of each brand: Big E and Roman Reigns ; it has also been mentioned the fight that faces the Champions in Pairs: The Usos (SmackDown) and RKBro (RAW); and of course, the female contribution: Becky Lynch (RAW Champion) facing Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Champion).

It is not necessary to mention the reasons why this fiefdom has attracted attention, since we all know of the controversial segment in which the two sovereigns exchanged their titles, Vince McMahon’s anger as a result, and the complex situation for Charlotte within the company after what happened, with the possibility that ‘The Queen’ will go to AEW due to family pressure.

Now, it is not the first time that Charlotte and Becky would face each other in a ring, something they have done on multiple occasions with or without titles in between and in different fights and stipulations. For all this, the former WWE writer, Vince Russo said on this week’s episode of ‘Writing With Russo’ that WWE is unable to get anything good out of a rivalry between the champions on the way to Survivor Series, because he assures that WWE’s plan is to make ‘The Queen’ look bad until she leaves the company instead of taking advantage of the tension between her and Becky to build something striking:

“They don’t know how to do this. All they know is wrestling, so here’s what they know: ‘We’re going to make her look bad anyway on the way out.’ Chris (Featherstone), I’m telling you; they do not know. I don’t know if Tony Khan knows how to do that kind of thing. Brother, it’s the ‘wrestling bubble’. They are so locked in the bubble, and in there, they just find ‘the wrestling way’ to get things done until someone from outside the bubble shows up, which is what me and Ed (Ferrara) did. ” Russo stated.

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WWE incapable of a rivalry between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair