WWE has chosen Roman Reigns’ next rival on RAW – Rumors

The most recent reports ensure that the Company of Vince McMahon has already selected the two possible rivals for WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

There are several doubts about the next title defense of ‘The Head of the Table’

‘The Tribal Chief’ has established himself as the most powerful and invincible figure in WWE after having achieved owning the two most prestigious Championships that the Company can currently offer: The World Wrestling Entertainment Title and the Universal Championship. This happened after defeating Brock Lesnar in a Championship Unification match that took place at WrestleMania 38.

While Roman allows the WWE Universe to recognize him while holding the two Medals on his shoulders, fans have several questions about his future, because in the midst of the rumors that with his new contract he will be a part-timeralso it is difficult to determine how he will defend the Titles and, even more, to think of an opponent with enough credibility for him.

Any of the members of RK-BRO could challenge Roman Reigns for one of his Medals

In the midst of doubts, we have confirmed that The leader of ‘The Bloodline’ will not be present at the next PPV Hell in a Cellso we can say that we will have to wait a long time for his next fight with one of the Championships at stake. As confirmed by Brad Shepard, WWE has plans for its Maximum Champion to be the main eventer at Money in the Bank and SummerSlam.

In this same report, published by Ringside News, it is ensured that the top brass of World Wrestling Entertainment and the top creatives of the Company have set their eyes on RK-BRO as possible challengers for Roman Reigns:

«The current creative plan is that one of the next contenders against Roman is Riddle or Randy Orton, which could indicate that RK-BRO is separating.»

Actually this idea seems to be viable, Well, Roman’s cousins ​​and members of The Bloodline, The Usos, are in a rivalry with the RAW Champions and they will have a Championship unification fight next Friday on SmackDown.

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WWE has chosen Roman Reigns’ next rival on RAW – Rumors