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Wool was interviewed during an autograph signing last weekend and the wrestler said that WWE did not have the rights to Lana’s name, so the wrestler could use it in another company.

Lana could continue to use her name in other companies

WWE released Lana from her contract and that came as a surprise to many fans.. She was still being used on television, but then after her release CJ Perry had to wait 90 days before showing up anywhere, as has happened with all those fired by WWE. We have already seen how his arrival in AEW has been hinted in a huge way, and Perry could keep his WWE name.

While participating in a virtual signing of East Coast Autograph Auctions, Lana was asked about her name in WWE. Apparently, WWE does not own the name “Lana”, and may want to use that name in the future.

“I own that. Owning “Lana” is like having the name “Mike.” You can not. In my contract, they own Rusev because he’s very specific, but they don’t own Lana because you can’t. “

“I’d rather go out as Lana because at the end of the day, I’d rather not say my real name.”

WWE owns “Rusev,” which is why Miro had to change his name. Apparently, Lana is a different story, so it could be a very interesting situation if she appears elsewhere.

Miro just lost the TNT title to Sammy Guevara, and that could open a new chapter for him in AEW. We’ll have to see where this all goes, but Lana could be arriving in an AEW ring soon.

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