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Mohamed bin Salman rewards WWE with 40 million dollars every time the company camps in his country, and it seems that the prince urged Vince McMahon to try a little harder to earn such a sum, given the insignificance of most of all the evenings that were seen there before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Crown Jewel 2021, last November, it would seem that it was the turning point in that intended change of dynamics, with combats of real weight for WWE stories and even a combat within the famous Infernal Cell between Edge Y seth rollins that lived up to the story of the stipulation.

And next month the confirmation would arrive, because for now, Yesterday we learned that the “Big W” plans to take its Elimination Chamber to the next Saudi appointment, which appears annually on the company’s screens since 2010 under the homonymous PPV.


► A delayed milestone for WWE

Although with this new event in the Asian country, certain logistics problems arise for WWE. Something he had to face in 2019, hours after Crown Jewel, when suspected technical problems they delayed the return flight of the American giant’s expedition to America, preventing the SmackDown cast from arriving on time to the blue mark episode the next day. By then, WWE got out of trouble thanks to NXT.

Now, somehow, McMahonlandia will have to face the problem of distances again, since said event on February 19 falls on a Saturday, just 24 hours after SmackDown. As a result, this edition of the blue brand will surely present unusual gladiators, or at least, not those who are scheduled to travel to Saudi Arabia. Likewise, there is the possibility of another delay that disrupts the planning of the Raw chapter of the following week.

And without us knowing if this matter is the motivator, Andrew Zarian reveals in the podcast Mat Men Pro Wrestling that WWE is considering recording an episode of his Monday show on Mohamed bin Salmán’s land. Information that matches what was published yesterday also by Fightful: in the McMahon Empire there was talk of producing a next chapter of Raw or SmackDown in Saudi Arabia.

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WWE could record an episode of Raw or SmackDown in Saudi Arabia | Superfights