WWE could prepare a Montreal Screwjob female in Survivor Series

A new one is coming Montreal Screwjob in WWE. The WWE’s next big event, Survivor Series is approaching and it is more than clear that We will see a showdown between the SmackDown and RAW Women’s Champions, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

A Montreal Screwjob at WWE Survivor Series?

Recently A great controversy arose due to the segment in which the two Sovereigns had to exchange their Titles Due to what happened in the WWE Draft, a spot that went off plan and caused a great stir in the wrestling world that negatively affected the public image of the Champions, especially Charlotte, who was seen as the antagonist of the story. .

A few days ago we had reported that Vince Russo assured that WWE would be unable to get something good out of this rivalry that has already touched personal spheres. However, the latest edition of ‘Wrestling Observer Live’ gives us a totally different and probably better point of view for wrestling.

In the report, Bryan Álvarez assured that WWE has plans to block something very controversial, since the rivalry between the Champions would be used to perform another “screwjob”. With this word, Álvarez alluded to the well-known “Montreal Screwjob” (Montreal Betrayal), one of the biggest scandals in the history of wrestling and that continues making headlines for WWE these days and that involved WWE President Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. The report states that the company’s plans are leading the two champions in a similar direction.

This is especially interesting, since Becky Lynch assured prior to the Title exchange segment that “it could bring Becky Two Belts back”, so ‘The Man’ may steal his rival’s Presea in Survivor Series in a similar way that Shawn Michaels did to Bret Hart.

The fight has been configured as one of the most anticipated of the PPV, since recently Becky declared that she does not trust Charlotte Flair, so she does not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​being in the ring in front of ‘La Reina ”. We can assure you that we are facing the most personal rivalry of the year, and the fight may turn out either very well, or very badly. Anything can happen in the world of wrestling, we’ll see what happens in Survivor Series.

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WWE could prepare a Montreal Screwjob female in Survivor Series