WWE could delay John Cena’s next fight until 2023

John Cena made his return to WWE last Monday on Monday Night Raw on the occasion of his 20th anniversary since he debuted on the company’s main roster. The former world champion interacted with various stars backstage, including Theory, and appeared in front of the crowd to deliver a speech.

precisely that confrontation with Theory behind the scenes could have been the definitive clue to WWE’s intentions to face both fighters at SummerSlam, an idea that has been considered for a week, especially since John Cena and Theory began exchanging messages on social networks. However, the confrontation has not gone further and there are no indications that the fight will be held in the short term.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, has pointed out in his weekly newsletter that WWE should already be announcing John Cena to sell more tickets at shows prior to SummerSlam. However, this is not happening, and it is likely that WWE has decided to freeze the plans until next year, possibly for WrestleMania 39.

“At one point the idea was John Cena vs. Theory, and there was a hint on television this week,” wrote Dave Meltzer in Wrestling Observer. “However, Cena is not advertised for any future TV dates and given the number of tickets he moved in Laredo, if he was announced for a show, he would move more tickets right now than anyone except Dwayne Johnson. So there is no point in not announcing it. But they wouldn’t do a match like that without working the angle more. So the fight, which is clearly an intention, can be delayed for WrestleMania“.

At no time does Meltzer confirm that the fight between Theory and John Cena at SummerSlam will not take place. So far, only the match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing for the WWE Undisputed Championship has been confirmed. It seemed that Logan Paul and The Miz were going to team up on that show, but the youtuber made it clear that his intention is to face his former partner. However, a fight between the two has not yet been confirmed.

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WWE could delay John Cena’s next fight until 2023