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During the last hours in the red mark WWE Raw there have been several episodes in which the wrestlers have made several controversial promos. Giving a bad taste in the mouth and making people go crazy seeing how the rivalries made the public and the universe jump with excitement.

The roster upset with WWE

During the last hours WWE news They have focused on the opinion of various people on the main roster. This is the case of several of the protagonists who have been involved in promos in the last program that made reference to the fired from WWE.

Sean Ross Sapp He said he heard from people who previously worked for WWE and from a current wrestler who was not thrilled with the segments. A report that indicates the discomfort and discontent on the part of the fighters at the last words used in their promos.

“It happened multiple times during this show, and I had former WWE wrestlers, former WWE producers, and a current WWE wrestler tell me how bad they thought it tasted.”

If this is the real case, this new decision may not have been well received by the friends of these fighters who have been released. They were wardrobe mates during his time at the company. It was a decision to cut wages for the economic well-being of WWE

The big difference with respect to AEW that Edge made mention and the promo between MJF and CM Punk is a written script in which the fighters are governed by what is written while AEW does not have scripts marked by Tony Khan. So the discontent and discomfort of the fighters could be remarkable.

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Wrestlers upset with a controversial WWE decision – Planet Wrestling