Will WWE allow Cody Rhodes to fight on other stages? | Superfights

Vince McMahon you know you can have cody rhodes to a technical favorite of the public like few others for the future, without the need to build it. Hence, According to the reports that we met last February, the «Chairman» has promised him the creative freedom that he could never have during his previous stage.

Rhodes doesn’t want to hear the name of Stardust again. —a character that, after all, was his proposal back in 2014— and during his first promo back to Rawin which he had complete freedom of speech, made it quite clear that he seeks to win the WWE Championship, a title that his father could never hold.

Objective that he says has led him to return to the “Big W”, in a speech that really collides with the reality of the facts: Rhodes is WWE Superstar again today as a consequence of creative differences between him, Tony Khan, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. And Vince McMahon may take this evidence very seriously.


► Cody Rhodes not only wants to be a fighter

Among the recent statements that we have been collecting from Rhodes, we were struck some where he stated that he seeks to focus on being exclusively a fighterwhen answering the question of whether he intends to work behind the scenes also in WWE.

But Rhodes also has extraluchistic aspirationsand who knows if in the future it will follow in the footsteps of rock, Cambric Y John Cena. Thus, today Dave Meltzer has revealed before the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Radio that “The American Nightmare” will be able to continue combining its competitive facet with that of a television character.

“It was an easy decision if he could get the deal he wanted. Y he got the deal he wanted. They gave him this complex agreement that allows him to do things outside of WWE that a lot of people can’t do. It was part of the deal. You can do the TV shows. You can do ‘Go Big Show’ if you want and if you want it».

Those “things outside of WWE” have been sold by some media as the possibility of competing in other companies, but at no time Meltzer alludes to it. On the other hand, Rhodes’ redemption claims in this new stage are limited to WWE and could not bring him much to fight on other territories. A separate issue would be that McMahonlandia and AEW collaborate, of course.

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Will WWE allow Cody Rhodes to fight on other stages? | Superfights