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One of the great WWE PPV, Survivor Series, will take place on Sunday, November 21 and there is a doubt that flies over the atmosphere … Will any championship change in the face of Survivor Series? In this article we analyze the possibilities that each champion has of losing their title before the mythical PPV.

What titles could change before Survivor Series?

With just over 20 days to go to Survivor Series, there are several reigns that could have an end before said PPV arrives, so let’s go through champion by champion and shuffle their rivals before the 21st.

The Usos and RK-BROS

Both championships in pairs, it does not seem that they have very firm rivals and credible enough to snatch the titles neither from the Uso brothers nor from Riddle and Randy Orton. This fight between two of the most over couples in years can be a great attraction for WWE Survivor Series.

Damian Priest and Shinsuke Nakamura

In the case of the two midcard champions there may be a little more doubt. On the side of Priest, the champion of the United States could be starting a rivalry with ex-Retribution member T-Bar, an opponent who, despite his skills in the ring, is not the most credible to get the United States title against a more than solid Damian Priest. On the King Of Strong Style side, Shinsuke Nakamura could have a title change. Your opponent? Happy Corbin. The former king of the ring could win the title from Nakamura with the help of his partner Madcap MossAlthough it would not be the most attractive to the fans, WWE would have its usual face vs heel on the PPV, which makes me lean towards a loss of Nakamura before Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Here comes without a doubt the two most controversial champions of wrestling today. Both with clear rivals and a path to Survivor Series more than interesting. Starting with Becky Lynch, the RAW champion is currently feuding with Bianca Belair, whom she will face this Monday. in a new edition of Monday Night RAW . The Irish Becky Lynch is the champion who could have more numbers in the face of being defeated and not go to Survivor Series as RAW champion. In the case of Friday Night SmackDown, Charlotte Flair counts Sasha Banks as the main threat, these two women have had heated discussions on television these past weeks and could fight for the title soon. The Shotzi Blackheart factor has been key to Charlotte’s chances of reaching the fourth major event of WWE as champion. The ex-NXT fighter has portrayed a tough character in this new start as a solo fighter and could have a rivalry with Sasha Banks from now on, which would divert The Blueprint from getting her second SmackDown women’s championship. The controversy between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair is no longer unknown, which could lead WWE to the decision of finally not making that fight a reality due to the risk that the wrestlers take the fight too to the extreme

Roman Reigns and Big E

In the case of the two great men’s world champions, there is not as much doubt as there was with the women’s titles. The Tribal Chief, ROman Reigns has no credible rival ahead of Survivor Series due to indefinite suspension of Brock LesnarTherefore, in the case of Reigns, he would not have much trouble continuing his reign. On the other hand, with Big E we could have a little more doubts, due to the title opportunity that Seth Rollins won last Monday Night RAW, a more than credible rival for the WWE champion. A seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns at Survivor Series would be a huge fan draw. The problem, they are both tough fighters, and we know that WWE does not like facing two tough guys too much, with which Big E would start as the main option to face Roman Reigns in a more than possible central event.

Which fighters do you think could lose their championship before Survivor Series?

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