What is and how does the WWE DRAFT work?

Everything The WWE Universe is very excited about the arrival of the next DRAFT of the company this Friday, October 1 on WWE SmackDown and the next Monday, October 4 on WWE RAW but what exactly is DRAFT and how does it work.

How does the WWE DRAFT work?

We are back at that time of year when the WWE landscape is shaken. The annual WWE Draft is scheduled to take place this week with the first program of the same to be held on Friday, October 1 in the edition of Smackdown on Fox and the second program will be broadcast next Monday, October 4 in the edition from WWE Raw on USA Network. But if you want to know what DRAFT is and how it works, here we tell you all the details.

What is the WWE DRAFT?

The WWE Draft is an annual measure the company uses to reassign Superstars to different shows. Both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown have exclusive rosters for that particular show, so the draft serves to bring certain fighters to the other brand over the next year.

TheseIt is mainly done to refresh the shows and open up the possibilities for new stories and rivalries between superstars that were previously separated by their respective brands.. For example, Bianca Belair was selected from Raw to Smackdown in last year’s draft and in the blue brand is where the fighter began to shine until she was crowned the women’s champion of the blue brand in the last Wrestlemania 37.

Who can be chosen to participate in the DRAFT?

All superstars are draft-eligible, and Raw has more picks than Smackdown because they are a three-hour show.. In the storyline, it is the Fox and USA Network “executives” who make the choices for their respective shows.

Tag teams and stables are eligible to be drafted together unless it is specified that one of the members separates from their group.. For example, New Day broke up in last year’s draft with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods being carried over to Raw, while Big E remained on Smackdown. This allowed the creatives to focus on building Big E as an individual star, eventually culminating with him winning the WWE Championship earlier this month.

Also as in most years, the superstars of NXT may also be selected to move up to one of the two main rosters. in this year’s DRAFT.

Favorites to change brands in the WWE DRAFT of 2021

Every year thousands of theories and rumors arise about the possible changes of the brand of several of the most important superstars of the brand and even bets are made on these changes. The big favorites for this year are Drew McIntyre who many consider has already done everything in WWE RAW, The Bloodline (Roman Reigns and The Usos) to the RAW brand but this seems more difficult. Other names that could change brands would be Cesaro, Carmella, Alexa Bliss among others. It is also rumored with the possible rise of Hit Row from NXT to the main roster.

History of WWE DRAFT

The first WWE Draft was held in 2002 when the company decided for the first time to divide the roster into its two brands, RAW and SmackDown with its own roster due to the fact that with the purchase of WCW and ECW the company had too many fighters. The draft has gone through several formats, from the general managers of each brand making the selections on the screen until the names of the fighters were extracted from a kick drum.

We have had surprising moments like that WWE Champion John Cena was drafted for Monday Night Raw in 2005 and the World Heavyweight Champion, Dave Batista was drafted for Smackdown that same year.. It was originally made in the weeks after Wrestlemania, but in recent years it has taken over the beginning of the season for television channels and they did so in October.

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