Was the SmackDown vs. Rampage topic of discussion behind the scenes of Raw? | Superfights

Full-blown morale injection for AEW turned out his win over WWE last Friday, when Rampage achieved a better rating in the 18-49 demographic during the 30 minutes that coincided on television with SmackDown. Shock that as Tony Khan put it, this neither asked nor started, but that he is willing to face each week if Vince McMahon so he wishes.

Before the irruption of AEW, WWE had more than two decades without knowing the defeat against another wrestling company on television, and Friday’s surely has not gone unnoticed by Mr. McMahon y Cía., considering that they took the first step in order to torpedo half an episode of Rampage.

Reason why WrestleVotes, an unlikely “source,” will post the following before most recent episode of Raw.

All I will say is that number news is a HOT topic of discussion right now behind the scenes».


► Shane Helms denies the importance of AEW for WWE

And one of the leading producers of the McMahon Empire, Shane helms, wanted to respond to what was said by WrestleVotes.

«As someone who was there, I didn’t hear a single word about it. Not a single word”.

Funny that Helms decides to get stuck in a thread with WrestleVotes, Twitter account that, as I said, usually leaves certain information that is so logical or so difficult to verify, we consider invalid. And it seems that this time, the play has not gone well.

Although on the other hand, we could estimate that Helms shows off his corporatism. Or do you think the former Cruiserweight Champion was going to admit that in WWE they are pending AEW?