Vince Russo thinks WWE should pair Baron Corbin with an attractive woman

Few of the current superstars of WWE have changed so much register in as little time as Baron Corbin. And it is that, since he made his debut in NXT with his character as “Lone Wolf”, the fighter has undergone several transformations, from his role as “The Constable” to his current role as JBL protégé.

What is undeniable is that Corbin has always been one of the most hated heels by fans. A hatred that has often bordered on indifference, which is why the company has made an effort to capture the interest of fans. Nevertheless, Baron’s pairing with JBL seems to have not had the desired effectsomething that Vince Russo believes could be remedied with a new addition.

This was pointed out by the former WWE creative, who in the most recent edition of his podcast Legion of Rawindicated that the company should pair the fighter with an attractive woman.

“This is what I really don’t understand. Think carefully about this. You have a 3 hour show, and you have a 2 hour show on Friday. You have God knows how many wrestlers on the roster. Can I ask you a simple question? How come there isn’t one sexy, attractive woman on the show who isn’t a fighter? Brother, there is none. Why couldn’t that kind of person be with Baron Corbin? It could be a woman who is only interested in money. How can there not be a sexy and attractive woman in three hours who isn’t a fighter? How is that possible?” Russo said.

Since the fighter abandoned his “Happy Corbin” persona to recover his old name under the protection of JBL, they have not started any major rivalry on WWE programming. In recent weeks we have seen them in segments related to poker games in behind the sceneswhere they have been visited by various superstars (such as Akira Tozawa Y Drew McIntyre), giving rise to fights on the ring without much history behind it.

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Vince Russo thinks WWE should pair Baron Corbin with an attractive woman