Vince Russo speculates the future of Dominik Mysterio in WWE

After seeing the friction they had in the ring The Mysterios vs Judgment Day in the raw red mark, former writer Vince Russo has commented that Dominik should join the dark faction to boost your career.

Vince Russo thinks Dominik Mysterio should join Judgment Day

Last Monday in the edition of the RAW red mark from the city of San Diego, California we saw Los Mysterio vs Judgment Day, previously Finn Balor and Damian Priest suggested that Dominik Mysterio should join the faction, the proposal was rejected and in the end in the fight in the Eddie Guerrero way, The Mysterios took the victory for disqualification.

This victory was highly criticized and on this occasion, former WWE writer and promoter Vince Russo in the Legion of Raw Podcast of Sportskeeda He was talking about Dominik’s fate, surprisingly advised the son of the legend to join Judgment Day and at the same time criticized the victory of Los Mysterio In the past RAW, this was what he said on the aforementioned portal.

“I think he has to do it, old man, something has to do, you have to do something, and I hope so. This is what I didn’t like, Chris. Why do the technicians take a victory in that way? It’s almost as if they were trying to escape the fight because they couldn’t beat Judgment Day. I mean, that’s one way a heel should get a win. I just don’t think that ending would work with Faces, man.”

Separation of Los Mysterio due to Judgment Day

We could speculate that based on the malfunction of the team between father and son, this leads Dominik to break this alliance Finally and goes to the dark side, we will confirm this only with the passing of time.

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Vince Russo speculates the future of Dominik Mysterio in WWE