Vince Russo praises the work of Becky Lynch and Asuka in RAW and MITB

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recognized the athletic quality of ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ Asuka Y ‘Big Time Becks’ Becky Lynch after their struggles in Money in the Bank and in the Red Mark, RAW.

The two former Champions had high-caliber fights on Saturday and Monday

Although Vince Russo stated on Sportskeeda’s ‘Legion of RAW’ that he hadn’t seen Money in the Bank because he hadn’t been paid to do itY he did not like at all the main event fight of the last episode of Monday Night RAW between Asuka and Becky Lynchadmitted that really it is necessary to be a great competitor to be able to compete both nights:

«With all due respect to the person who thought that Becky vs Asuka was good, no brother, it wasn’t, it was devilishly horrible; but this is what I highlight and what I have to say: I didn’t watch Money in the Bank, I only watch wrestling if I get paid to do it, but I can imagine those ladies kicked their asses on Saturday and gave it their all. So they have to come tonight and compete in a match like that, that requires a special athlete.

Vince Russo ‘takes his hat off’ to Asuka and Becky Lynch

Indeed, both met in one super free wrestling that delighted the WWE Universewe say this because of the reactions of the public that could be observed in the arena thanks to the transmission of the Company. Although Russo insisted that he did not like the contestthe truth is recognized the effort that both former Champions made to entertain the fans.

“Not everyone can do that, I couldn’t do it. That’s what I’m left with from the show, as sloppy and as bad as I think that fight was. These are not big girls, and for them to put their body through that kind of punishment, bro, hats off to me because I would never be able to do something like that.” concluded.

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Vince Russo praises the work of Becky Lynch and Asuka in RAW and MITB