Vince Russo lashes out at Becky Lynch “It’s terrible giving promos”

The former lead writer for WWE and the defunct WCW expressed his opinion about SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch arguing that he has very little talent when it comes to the microphone. Russo’s statements were given after Becky was transferred to the red mark during the last episode of RAW, stage where the second night of the WWE Draft took place.

Vince Russo charges against Becky Lynch and her promos

Vince Russo was speaking with Chris Featherstone of the podcast ‘Legion of RAW’ where he made clear his impressions about the role that Becky has played when addressing the public from his time in NXT until today:

“Listen, I don’t know, I really don’t know what people have been getting convinced of, and I’ve been saying this for years and years. Becky Lynch is supposed to be at the top, from the first time I saw her on NXT until tonight it has been like that. So how long has it been Chris? I saw her being part of NXT. How long is that? And okay, all that time has passed and Becky Lynch can’t give a promo, she can’t do it. She is terrible at giving promos. She’s at a high level at it, she’s terrible. ” Russo stated.

Finally, Russo realized how aggressive his statements had been so he tried to explain his opinion with arguments: “I’m sorry, man. I’m saying all of this from a professional standpoint, and if the situation was in my hands, I’d be constantly pushing Becky, pushing Becky, pushing Becky, pushing Becky, because her promos should be so much better than they are. Much better than they are. Sorry, man, I’m just being honest. ”Vince concluded.

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