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The changes in WWE NXT they only increase as the days go by.

First, they were the dismissals of a good part of the cast.

After, the logo change came.

And now comes the changes in production.

Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard will be the new producers of WWE NXT

Bryan Alvarez, has been in charge of announcing these changes in “Wrestling New Observer”.

According to Alvarez, This change will take place from September 14, with new live events from NXT.

The inclusion of Vince McMahon in the direct production of the rainbow brand is striking, an unusual task in the chairman from Wwe.

This work, replacing Triple H, makes clear the change of product that the boss wants for the brand.

These changes, in addition to aesthetics, will be seen in the programming.

As announced, NXT reduce the hiring of independent fighters or fighters over 30 years of age, prioritizing young talent and trained in the Performance Center.

Bruce Prichard will be the lead producer on the three shows of Wwe

We can say that, without counting Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard is the most important person in WWE today.

Let us remember that, in addition to being the new producer of NXT, Prichard is already the top producer of Raw and Smackdown. Being from now on, the main creative of WWE.

This change will serve to homogenize the product, preparing from the beginning the cast of the development brand for the characteristics of the main brands.

And you? How do you see Vince McMahon being directly involved in NXT?

I read you in the comments.

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