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During the last hours many have been WWE news about the decisions and the controversy that arose after the realization of the actual battle itself. In which many creative changes were confirmed, giving rise to a cocktail that left more than one desperate with the result.

Upset with Shane McMahon

Dave Meltzer confirmed today what Ringside News first reported on Sunday about Shane McMahon. He was one of the producers and creators of the battle royale. The fight production was also being handled by other important people, but Shane was under heavy pressure.

Despite posing a real battle, problems arose when Vince himself wanted to be involved in the decisions made. In addition to this, there was the problem of time, where they had planned more acts with WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre but were eliminated due to lack of time. to end the event on time. This and much more could make it a main event WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view this year.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke more about the struggles of Shane McMahon returning to weekly programming as a heel character.

“There was a lot of pressure on Shane because Shane was one of the producers, in fact, he was kind of the main producer of the Rumble. He had an idea of ​​what the Rumble was going to be and a lot of it ended up being changed and I don’t know all of it, but I do know there were a number of people who made light-hearted comments to me about Shane.”

“For whatever reason, Vince has allowed him to help out and do the Rumble over the years, but it was him and a lot of other people, and this one was too, but he really took over and pissed off some people. way, obviously…”

“Basically, the deal with the Rumble was for Brock to kill everyone and that was it. That was probably Brock’s call because I was told that Brock would get exactly what he wanted and that was to be as strong as possible for the Roman Reigns match. Everyone was supposed to be killed by him and they all did. But they were going to do things with Drew, they wanted to protect Drew. But they were running out of time, as you could see, and they had to rush off the air and all that so they wouldn’t do as much.”

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Upset within WWE with Shane McMahon’s decisions during Royal Rumble – Wrestling Planet