Triple H reveals his expansion plans for WWE NXT

Last August, WWE officially announced the creation of NXT Europe by 2023 as part of a new stage of the NXT brand globally. That news, which was accompanied by the end of NXT UKcaused a great impact among international WWE fans due to the possibilities that opened up.

Regarding the expansion of NXT, Triple H recently awarded a interview to the YouTube channel LADbible TV, and the brand new WWE creative chief revealed some of the future plans for the brand. These were his words:

“So… NXT Europe, NXT Australia, NXT South Africa, NXT South America, Mexico… Over time we will build a overall system which will lead to a scenario of practically a World Cup. The NXT World Cup finals will be one day in London, the following year maybe in Mexico City…

And all of that while what you’re actually doing is this fanbase like college football while you create stars for the big leagues, which are RAW, SmackDown, WrestleMania, you know?

In India right now we are the second sport only behind cricket, which is almost like a religion. It’s already something huge, but imagine the scale it will take when we have a brand built for native Indians, with a brand of their own, one of them gets to stand out and goes to RAW or SmackDown, stars in WrestleMania. It’s something that change the game“.

In this way, it seems that WWE’s plans regarding NXT go far beyond the European brand, and it seems that it is only a matter of time before the development territory of the company is established in multiple continents of the planet.

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Triple H reveals his expansion plans for WWE NXT