Triple H could bring another celebrity to WWE

Since last year, the singer bad bunny and the youtuber logan paul They have ventured into WWE, but unlike other celebrities, they have taken this job seriously, to the point that both dedicated several hours to their training in the ring, which it was reflected in their performance during the appearances they have had for the company, earning the praise of the WWE Universe.

Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37

► Post Malone and Triple H met at Madison Square Garden

Since the end of July, Triple H has taken on additional duties after Vince McMahon will withdraw from the company. HHH, along with his wife Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are the ones who now hold the reins of the ring, and in this new regime have been able to appreciate great changesnot only in the Superstars who have returned, but in the presentation of the television product as such.

On the media side, Triple H could be bringing another major celebrity to WWE, after he was recently seen briefly interacting with American rapper, singer and songwriter Post Malonewith whom he met at Madison Square Garden.

Post Malone also shared a TikTok video with the 14-time world champion. In the video, the two can be seen simulating Triple H’s entrance when he spits out a jet of water. WWE and Triple H echoed this meeting in their respective twitter accounts.

“The game recognizes the game”

“Impressive to see Post Malone sing at Madison Square Garden. Nothing like that.”

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Evidently, an eventual appearance by Post Malone should come as no surprise, considering that WWE has collaborated with various celebrities in the past, whether they have in-ring aptitude or not.

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Triple H could bring another celebrity to WWE