Top Dolla’s surprise with CM Punk watching WWE Raw

How impressive would it be if CM Punk returned to WWE? One of the greatest moments of the last decades in the luchistic company. And right now there is a lot of talk about his possible departure from AEW due to the controversy created around him. On the other hand, even if he did leave, although he most likely won’t, surely he wouldn’t return to the McMahon organization. Although better not rule anything out in this crazy world of professional wrestling because I was also never supposed to go back to him.

► Top Dolla, CM Punk and WWE Raw

With that said, Top Dolla thought the “Best in the World” was returning to WWE last night during the Monday Night Raw episode. The Hit Row member works on SmackDown so he was at his house watching on television what his colleagues from the red mark were doing. And for a moment, just before a commercial break, he went into the kitchen. At that moment he heard ‘Cult of Personality’, the song of Punk. Obviously, she ran off to see what was going on. And found out that it wasn’t.

“Brother, I went to the kitchen just before the commercial break and listened to ‘Cult of Personality’ and almost dropped my damn food running into the living room. That commercial is too much.

It was actually an NFL ad centered around quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Among the reactions, the independent fighter Shane Taylor said:

«USA Network executives when the commercial aired«.

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Top Dolla’s surprise with CM Punk watching WWE Raw