Tony Khan points out that the last episode of WWE Monday Night RAW sucked

This Friday, Friday Night SmackDown will broadcast an episode ‘Supersized‘via FS1 which will take half an hour longer than usual. This will cause that, during these 30 minutes, the issuance of the blue mark fully coincides with AEW Rampage. The company led by Tony Khan reacted by programming a The Buy-In one hour special prior to this week’s episode, which will air on YouTube.

Despite the fact that the WWE program has a powerful card prepared, with incentives such as the appearance of Brock Lesnar or a match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, Tony khan he is not concerned with direct confrontation. In a recent interview on My Mom’s Basement, the president of All Elite Wrestling He recalled that they were already imposed on WWE when the McMahon company decided to thwart their broadcasts. In addition, he assured that Rampage will be the Show of higher quality and took the opportunity to throw a dart at this week’s RAW, a program that he considers “stunk.”

“This is the second time that they have decided to face us directly. I want the fans to be able to see all the wrestling in the world. I am going to coin a phrase right now, ‘WYW: ​​look at your wrestling‘. I want people to see your product. Whatever it is you want to look at, look at it. Many people have chosen to watch AEW because they consider it to be the best Show. Watch what you want. I want people to be able to see everything. It is the second time that they have decided to put their program face to face against mine. On the other occasion, this did not happen overnight, but from the beginning. AND AEW regularly got better numbers than NXT to the point that, in the end, we won the war. Today, AEW is the program of the nights of Wednesdays and Dynamite is living a great moment “, were his words, transcript courtesy of Ringside News.

“On Friday, they are going to coincide for half an hour with Rampage, which is a first. I put my Show after SmackDown conscientiously, because I know that a lot of people watch that show and I knew that a lot of people would also want to see Rampage, which has been a huge success for TNT. We are going to face each other for half an hour, okay. We’ll see what will happen. I’m not saying we’re going to win, maybe the odds are against us, but I can assure you that we will offer the best program. I’m sure of it. If you don’t believe me, go watch the show they aired last night (RAW), because it sucked“, he concluded.

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