Tony Khan: ‘Did you watch RAW last night? I stink”

Tony Khan talks about WWE again and attacks during Monday Night Raw.

During the last week Tony Khan has given a lot to talk about. His recent statements about WWE have left more than one surprised and it does not seem that this is going to end. Now it has been the turn to talk about Monday Night Raw.

While talking to Robbie Fox in My Mom’s Basement, Tony Khan spoke about the possibility of defeating SmackDown in audience, and although this time he was a little more cautious, he made it clear that they are going to put on the best show of the night and that this week’s Monday Night Raw sucked.

I consciously put my show after SmackDown knowing that there is a huge audience of people who watch that show and a lot of people go to see Rampage, which has been a success for TNT. They are literally going to do half an hour face to face, okay. We’ll see what happens. I’m not saying for sure that we will win and maybe the odds are against us somehow, but we’re going to put on the best show, I know. If you don’t believe me, check out the RAW from last night because it sucked.

Tough statements by Tony Khan who lately seems to have no filter when talking about WWE and the competition between the two companies. These statements come on the heels of accusing WWE of keeping an eye on AEW programming and publicly stating that they would defeat SmackDown on Friday.

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