This is what John Cena would look like if he were one of the villains of Spider-Man No Way Home

Every day we are closer to witnessing the most ambitious wall-crawler movie yet on the big screen. Spider-Man No Way Home is the title of the film produced by Sony and Marvel studios that is on everyone’s lips for all that it could bring us. One of the confirmed things that the third installment of Spider-man at UCM are the return of ancient villains from the universe of Sam raimi and Marc Webb, and among them is one that could perfectly fit the skin of the 16-time world champion and legend of WWE, John Cena.

This is how John Cena would look if he were one of the villains of Spider-Man No Way Home

A few days ago, the magazine EMPIRE published the cover of his latest issue where we could see the head of the network surrounded by some key elements of the next film of Sony and Marvel Studios. These details symbolized the villains that we are going to see in the film, such as the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus or Sandman.

It should be noted that a month ago the first trailer of Spider-Man No Way Home confirmed the rumors of some of these villains, as is the case of the Green Goblin. Face to Sandman, which is the villain we are going to talk about today, in a sequence of the trailer we saw a sandstorm next to Electro, and in case this part did not clarify its appearance, the magazine EMPIRE He confirmed it again with his cover.

In the lower right corner you can see the fist of sand referring to Sandman.

In 2007 we had the opportunity to enjoy how Thomas Haden Church gave life to this villain in the third installment of the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, and despite not having mentioned the actor’s name after the confirmed appearance of the villain in Spider-Man No Way Home, it is taken for granted that Church will bring the character back to life.

On the other hand, one of the superstars and one of the most important actors of Hollywood could fit very well in this character from the universe of Spider-Man. We are talking about John Cena, who still does not have a hole in him UCMBut he has been a hero to many for a long time.

In this hypothetical case of including it in the universe of Marvel, it seems like John Cena could be an excellent fit on the skin of a villain after seeing the incredible design made by the artist Jackson Caspersz.

Sandman would be a perfect character for John Cena at UCM. However, after the confirmed return to Spider-Man No Way Home, chances are slim to see the 16-time world champion fight Spider-Man. Nor can we definitively rule it out, since as we currently know we are in the saga of the multiverse where everything is possible and we could see John Cena as a variant of Sandman.

If not, what other character would you like John Cena to play in the MCU?

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This is what John Cena would look like if he were one of the villains of Spider-Man No Way Home